>> Monday, August 18, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

Hope everyone has had a FUN and FABULOUS weekend! We returned from Vancouver, Washington around eight o'clock this morning after driving straight through via a few fuel stops, dinner and two power nap sessions!!!

I am plum-tuckered so my post shall be rather short and will consist mostly of a few layouts that I've put together to begin a photo book for Travis and Joan's wedding photos.

Tomorrow I shall catch you up on a few of the highlights as well as the obstacles prior to the BIG DAY!!! We had SUCH a GRAND time with family and friends of both the bride and groom and have surely created some INCREDIBLE memories to preserve for the future generations of the Walton's and the Uhlig's!

Your FREEBIE tonight consists of two more WORD FRAMES that I created on our return trip on the laptop while traveling Interstate 5!!! I have to chuckle a I thought I'd NEVER be sold on a laptop (I ADORE my desktop!), however, while I do still prefer my desktop, I DEFINITELY shall be taking the laptop on any future road trips and/or visits out-of-town!!!

I have to share with you the SHOCK and DISMAY expressed by Luke and John as they traveled with Robert and I on the way to Vancouver. MOM!!! There is just NO getting you off of the computer IS there??? ROFL!!! Uh, uhm ..... well, HEY, I'm being creative while life passes me by at 70 miles per hour!!! They actually thought it was PRETTY cool to be able to view some of the wedding photos I took while on our journey back home! LOL! I know I must seem pretty pathetic at times, but golly, gosh ... I am ALWAYS doing something memorable, aren't I? He, he ...

I shall post a brief description beneath each image you see below and I am already getting teary-eyed to be able to introduce you to all six of my children at the same time and in one viewing tonight!!!

Lest I forget to include this in tomorrow's post, this week has been a bit of a bitter-sweet one for me as Joan has been away from home for over a decade and her marriage was one of PURE joy and EXCITEMENT, however, this afternoon after awaking from a nap upon our arrival from our journey, Luke packed his belongings and took the BIG step of leaving home to begin his NEW life on his own (well, actually with friends!). I grabbed the camera of course, and could not hold back the tears as I watched one of my babies (twin boys) leave the nest. I am SO happy for him and have watched him take on his responsibilities of adulthood quickly and successfully thus far. I only mention this as having been a single mom, raising all six alone for many years, I've not been able to do a lot financially for my children and have NO regrets in that department as it has caused them to become resourceful early on and they can ONLY feel VERY proud of themselves for having achieved their independence on their own for the most part!!!

Have an AWESOME week y'all!

Much love and BIG hugs,
Linda :)

The eldest of my six children, Joan (the bride) and April
(the Maid of Honor). Joan will be 29 early October and
April turned "30" in December! These two young ladies
are the BEST of friends and April declared that to be so
in her speech followed by a toast at the reception, which
in turn led me to volunteer to speak a few words (YES,
it was actually brief and to the point!) about how the two
of them were at each others throats in their early
adolescence and my words to them then were, "you mark
my words girls, ONE day you two WILL be the BEST of
friends! Makes you feel good when it actually comes to
pass now doesn't it??? ROFL!

HERE COMES THE BRIDE! Joan was escorted down the aisle
and presented to Travis by her father's brother, Wes.

FIRST family photo since April's wedding seven years ago!
As you can see, this one was obviously NOT posed for - my
favorite type of photography! Don't my boys "clean up"
GOOD??? ROFL! It is not often I have the pleasure of seeing
them in formal attire and it is such a treat! From left-to-right:
John, Luke, Mom, Joan, April, Matt and Mark!

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