>> Friday, August 29, 2008

and a VERY dear friend!!!

Hi y'all! This has been ONE of THOSE days and it is already tomorrow and my day has not yet ended!!!

Firstly, I am still without virus protection as I've not yet heard back from support after submitting the requested files and sending screen shots to show that I am completely missing one that they asked for!!! ALL things for a purpose! Not sure what it is yet, but I'm sure it will become clear soon enough! LOL!

Without boring you to tears, I've been mopping up a bit of a mess here on the homefront as one of our DELIGHTFUL furbabies aka cats has gone and used our bed as it's litter box. Has this EVER happened to anyone else out there??? If so, ANY suggestions for SUPER DUPER cleanup and a way to deter which ever one is guilty from doing so again? I am beside myself (since Robert is not! He, he ...) as we are both having to sleep on the sofa tonight while letting our WONDERFUL and COMFY king-sized pillow-top mattress dry out! OMGosh ... this is like a WORST nightmare me thinks!

I've already washed our mattress cover and bottom sheet in HOT, SOAPY water with the addition of some Pine-Sol. The comforter is washing now as I type and I added in some powder equivalent to Oxy Clean. I have NEVER experienced this from a FULL grown kitty before and while Robert thinks it is my Boo-Boo girl, I am thinking it is Zeke because ... well ... um ... YOU know ... he is ... a MALE!!! ROFL! I was just talking to my son, Mark, who gave Zeke to me for Mother's Day and figuring that he is old enough to be neutered and no better time than the present, eh? Poor babe!

I acutally remained VERY calm for hurting from head-to-toe most of the afternoon and night. I was hoping to have something new for you tonight but after cleaning up, I am plum-tuckered out and wondering what I could give y'all while I am in transition these next few days. Then I suddenly remembered that my DEAR friend and DIGI-SISTER, Karen, had sent me a couple of LOVELY scraptits she made from *Summer Wedding* about a month ago. For those of you collecting, they will make for a GREAT addition and some EASY scrapping! THANK YOU KAREN!

Karen has just had surgery on one of her rotor cuffs and is alert and doing well from what DH tells us. I am sure MANY of you know Karen Halgren as she has been around longer than I have and involved with many sites and digi-sisters. Let's all give her a "Get Well Soon" shout-out!!! We LOVE you Karen!

I hope to come back tomorrow night with GOOD news and to say I've finally been able to put away my BIG umbrella from all of the RAIN coming down on me these past two days!!! Once the rain stops, what happens? Why, the sun SHINES brightly and the air smells FRESH!!! WOO HOO, I can feel the warmth already!

I hope everyone is having an AWESOME week and that you are getting ready for a SPLENDID weekend whatever you may have planned. ENJOY your Friday!

Ciao bellas ... baci e abbracci,
Linda :)


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