>> Monday, August 11, 2008

I am THRILLED to gift y'all tonight with my VERY first commercial-use freebie!!! On request, I am including a beveled frame and a background from my FIRST texture photo taken last Thursday as I exited the Salon Rouge' in Angels Camp, California! The background was tiled together as I did not have a large enough piece to avoid pixelation upon zooming! The 12x12 background is actually 4-6x6's!

I am including the beveled frame and textured background paper in it's natural state as well as TWO different shades of grayscale for you to customize to your own liking! Let those creative juices FLOW. If you are using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, use the BLENDING MODES and add a COLOR OVERLAY playing with the different settings until you find something that makes you go WOW, that is AWESOME!!! Add a grunge overlay to it or a patterned paper and then play with the blending modes. The SKY is the limit!!! Show me your creations - you know I'd LOVE to see them. OH, BTW - I have created my VERY first CU TOU and it is in .txt format. It is short and sweet. It is ALWAYS a good idea to read each TOU that you download from a designer as there may be times when they stipulate different guidelines. I encourage you to give me some feedback on the TOU included with tonight's goodies and let me know if the guidelines are clear enough. Thank you in advance!

NANCY - I am addressing you now lest I forget near the end!!! Thank you for posting your concern about my files. I have seen them and while all that is showing are previews in jpg format, I am sure if I investigate, there will be the actual files somewhere as well! I simply DO NOT have time to deal with this right now and can only focus on THE WEDDING!!! I know you will understand my friend. It touches me SO very deeply sweetie that you have my back and I cannot thank you enough for that, but they will just have to hang there until Monday when I am back home!

I thank those of you who have shared with me about exercise to help relieve chronic pain - y'all ROCK ... and then some! Cindy, I think you've shared with me some time ago about the other relief for sciatica. When you send that e-mail, I shall explain to you what is causing mine as it is not from an injury, disc or any of the other TYPICAL causes! Naturally!!! LOL!

Vicki - I shall catch up with you darlin' just as soon as I am able. Might be after the wedding and I thank you for the well-wishes love! My bonnie lies over the ocean, my bonnie lies over the sea .... LOL! That song just came to mind although you are NOT my bonnie but a dear sweet sister and friend!

To ALL who have left me links to your blogs to collect an award - I shall address these sometime next week!!! Several of them are awards that I have already received and have not yet posted as I've not been able to properly tend to them! I think I am in a CATCH-22, eh? LOL! I LOVE YA all for thinking of me and I know that you will understand the delay. and that I cannot possibly post them all in duplicate!!! MWAH!

I will also have to work on adding layouts to the slide shows next week as well. I was hoping to do so before leaving, but I really need a day to relax and prepare myself for the road trip without frantically running around the house at the last minute!!! NOT a pretty sight! He, he ...

My eyes are heavy early tonight, so I shall stop the rambling and catch up with the rest of you ASAP!

I would like to share with you a few photos using my TEXTURED SWIRLY FRAMES! I just ADORE my grandson, Kaleb (I ADORE the other four as well!) and was able to visit him after my salon appointment which happened to be the same day Kaleb was celebrating FOUR precious months of life! I have not seen Kaleb in nearly a month and as soon as I reached out to hold him, he flashed Grandma a HUGE smile!!! Yeah, you know the kind I am speaking of - MELTS the heart! And NO, no photo of that of course!

AND, my baby boy Zeke who is probably five months now and is growing like a weed and such a LOVE. He is SO used to us being with him that he is always under foot or over head!!! Yes, Zeke has actually curled up near my feet and taken a nap while I am doing dishes OR he lies stretched out on the back of the sofa above the head of someone sitting and watching television!!! TOO cute he is and he is the apple of everyone's eye in our house! My Boo-Boo girl is starting to hang out in our room during the day. She avoids Zeke unless she ABSOLUTELY wishes to play! Such a fickle girl she is but a LOVE nonetheless as are ALL of our furbabies!

Linda :)

P.S. Yolly - just spied your plea for help under yesterday's post. From what I have read, you are doing it correctly. The only thing I can think of at the moment is that perhaps you have a duplicate layer visible so that when you go to merge the two layers you wish to, you are seeing the duplicate layer. I have done that several times myself in the past so now I try to double-check my layers before merging. CNTRL - ALT - G is correct with the photo or paper as the active layer above the template.

If anyone else catches something I might be missing, please enlighten us!!! Yolly is using PSCS 3 as am I, but I'm not able to think of any other solution with my OVERTIRED brain tonight! Let me know if you get it to work for you Yolly and WELCOME to the AWESOME world of DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING! HELLO to the Philippines!


The time is 12:20 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! HAVE FUN Y'ALL!!! WOO HOO!

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