>> Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Okay, I think I confused everyone last night or either that, I scared you off with the horrendously LONG blog post!!! Sorry!

For some reason I am thinking that MANY of you saw the preview for last night's FREEBIE, *Summer Wedding* #21 and thought that it looked to be the same as the night before, which was *Summer Wedding* #20! ARE WE CONFUSED YET??? LOL!

If you DID NOT collect last night's installment, please do so as some of the buttons were made to replace the original "the Ringbearer", which should have read, "the Ring Bearer"! Also included are additional tie colors for the "the Groom" and "the Groomsmen".

TONIGHT'S installment, *Summer Wedding* #22, includes two NEW buttons - "the Flower Girl" and "the VOWS"! I have included two different colored scripts using a traditional vow - one silver (actually black with lessened opacity!) and green with lessened opacity. I did make one button without the script. If you are interested, give me a SHOUT OUT and I'll include it with tomorrow's goodies! OOPS, almost forgot. I have also included BLING, BLING #2 (flourish) in two different BLING styles! I have also included a replacement for the FIRST one I gave you several downloads ago as the style came with a drop shadow and I had changed it several times and ended up forgetting to remove it. SO, all four BLINGY flourishes have NO drop shadow so that you can add your own as usual!!! Sorry for yet another minor inconvenience!!! I'm on a ROLL, eh?

I ended up using the roses I have already been using as I just cannot seem to find what I am wishing for, so I will use these for now and will, hopefully, come home with some decent "stock photos" of Joan's bouquet as well as the rest of the wedding party and will see if I can make something special from those.

Well, tomorrow is my BIG day at the salon for the first time in over a decade!!! I am SO looking forward to seeing if Krista can make me look presentable!!! He, he ... Ffngers AND toes crossed!!! Do you think that she will ask me why I am limping to the chair??? ROFL!

Before I forget, I had mentioned the possibility of a CU item and in reading through the TOU's of one of the designers whose action I used for the straight tie, I am not able to use it as a CU item. Mary Lou, I will make the brown suit/tux jacket for you and Beth, I will work on locating the recoloring tutorial and hope to have both taken care of for y'all by this weekend. Thanks for your patience - BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!! LOL!

Have a TERRIFIC Thursday everyone and I shall see you for ... FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY!!! PLEASE keep posting your comments and "thank-you's" here as it REALLY, REALLY helps me A LOT! THANK YOU!

Baci e abbracci mi amicas,
Linda :)


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