>> Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hope you darlins' have had a GORGEOUS weekend and are rejuvenated for the upcoming week!

If any of you just HAPPEN to be reading my TWITTERS (lol!), you will already know that I did not get that SURGE of energy I was looking for until late after/early evening! No worries, I've recouped from whatever went wrong after lunch and finally sat myself down here at the computer to correct a mistake! What is that you ask? Hmmmm ....

I have come to the conclusion that while I might have my humor (humour) on during RUM DUMMY hour, I MOST certainly am prone to one too many "boo-boo's"!!! Any one notice??? Those cute little buttons boasting "the ringbearer"!!! A slight typo there, it should have been two separate words, SOOOOOOO ... I have recreated them spelled properly! I will post the REDO'S tomorrow!

I have also created "The Best Man", "The Maid of Honor" and "The Maton of Honor". And for my SWEET and LOVELY digi-sisters speaking British English or as I refer to it, "proper English", I have created "The Maid of Honour" and "The Matron of Honour". I am hoping that you use Maid/Matron! Please let me know if I am incorrect and I will redo those as well! These will be TONIGHT'S goodies!

I have also created buttons for "The Groom", "The Groomsmen", "The Best Man" and "The Ring Bearer" with brown and green ties, regular and bow. I am trying SO hard to include all possible combinations. I figure black, green and brown ought to pretty much cover it for this particular wedding theme! I really HAD to do the brown as that is what Travis and Joan's wedding party will be wearing. The green will be in the flowers and THAT will, hopefully, be my next project and I think I may just stick to roses since I found some GORGEOUS handpainted ones to use.

Yes, STILL more buttons to come! We've just GOT to have, "The First Dance", "The Toast", "The Cake", etc.!!! I'm getting there a little at a time! Thank you for being SO patient in this all coming together and I know that once I start making some more "scrapatits" (62% of those who voted, did so for "scrapatits"), that is when I will find what I've left out that should be included!!!

Thank you SO much for the LOVELY comments for the last few downloads. I will address a few of them quickly and then more tomorrow. My eyes are giving out on me since they've been closing early the last few nights!

DEBORAH - I tried accepting your addition to the slideshow twice but with no success. I've only had this happen once before where I received the e-mail letting me know that someone is trying to add and then when I get to Slide, it does not show. Would you mind trying to add it once again for me, pretty please? Thank you and I apologize for the inconvenience.

MSAVA - Having my hair done so close to the wedding date is surely a "risk" and only one of a VERY few I've ever taken in my life. I guess I figure if I had the guts to do a solo trip to Italy for a month, then having my hair cut and styled should be a piece of cake!!! ROFL! Now let's hope I don't have to eat those words, eh??? LOL! Actually, if you were to see my hair, you'd undertand! With a low-functioning thyroid on top of imbalanced hormones due to impending menopause, my hair is suffering horribly. Or, should that be, "I" am suffering horribly!!! He, he ... I'm going for the gusto and hoping for a miracle!!!

SHAUNA - YUP!!! I think I've now joined the ranks of professional "twitters"!!! ROTFLMBO!!!

GEM - You are TRULY a "Gem" and I thank you for the CLASSY comment! I strive for simple elegance, but hey, working with black, white and GLITZ, how can you not achieve a CLASSY look!!!

SHARON - I hope you are feeling GOOD girl! How's the garden coming along??? Any photos on your blog I should see?

SHARON (Shutterbug) - How SWEET is that to come by for goodies before your camping trip!!! Hope y'all had a GRAND time! Any GREAT adventures to share???

I shall leave y'all tonight with my newest quote. Oooops, just realized that I forgot to GOOGLE it to make sure it is an original! Will check on it tomorrow.

LAUGHTER: What does it NOT cure? It is good for the heart and the soul. It is a NATURAL stress reliever!

Baci e abbracci,
Linda :)

P.S. I would sure be MOST appreciative if y'all could leave MORE comments on my blog rather than 4-shared. It helps me a little and I think that a pretty fair trade, don't you? THANK YOU!


The time is 2:00 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order! May the scrapping begin!!! Oh no,
wait, I must be in Olympic mode!!! ENJOY the games y'all!

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