>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hello y'all!!!

I've had a VERY busy day with Wyatt and Garret today (they are such GOOD boys!) and when I sat down to work on tonight's "freebie", for *Summer Wedding*, I had just come across an MOST awesome BLING style as I was struggling to find something that would look right (in my eyes anyhoo!) for THE GROOM! Well, you just KNOW that I have to have a matching pair, right??? Uh, huh! So tonight you are receiving TWO deco buttons. THE GROOM and "take two" on THE BRIDE!!! I think it looks much nicer along with being a little more elegant. Whatcha all think?

Oh, and Joan's fiance' is wearing a black tux (this is why the groom button is in black and white!) as well as the groomsmen and my boys who will be ushers. I tell ya, I have to work REALLY, REALLY hard at accepting the fact that BLACK can fit into the scheme of just about anything!!! With the wedding colors being green and brown, you JUST know that I would figure the men to be in brown and the ladies in green!!! HA, HA, HA, HA!!! I am learning to look at things with more of an "artist" eyes I suppose as I can just be too darned color-coordinated for my own good at times. I'll get there. You can certainly teach this 'ol dog a new trick or two!!! LOL! Heck, A LOT!!!

You are also getting TWO diamond arrows, one left and one right (the left one is NOT shown in the preview due to lack of space!). You can use these to frame photos, in clusters or to POINT the way!!!

I hope you like them and I'll see you tomorrow. Hope everyone has had a FABULOUS week and are winding down to enjoy a relaxing weekend at home or at play with your PRECIOUS families! I will be helping Robert pack he and the little guys, along with my twin boys (19), for a trip up to the mountains to Alpine Lake for a night of camping and a day of fishing, hiking and FUN!!! I get to stay home and start getting photos together for Joan's wedding! Sounds like a FAIR deal to me!!! He, he ....


Linda :)

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