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Less than three more days before April and Ethan arrive and I've yet SO much to do!!! I sort of took the day off yesterday as I overdid myself a bit the day before and decided I'd better rest up for round two!!! LOL! I am excited to see my daughter as it has been over six months since our trek to Washington for Christmas. This will make three times in a year we've had the pleasure of April's company, which is certainly better than the four years between her visit June of 2007!

Joan needs photos from me for their reception and she wished to have them by week's end, but I've not even had a chance to get to them yet. SOOOO, I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone! Since I am MOST certain that April will wish to share childhood photos with her new beau, I shall have her help me select some photos for her sister. April and Joan are VERY close. Not only do they both live in Vancouver, WA, they are the best of friends. Seeing as how they share such a close bond, I am sure that April will make the best selections knowing her sister's wishes. Joan has already given me a "heads up" on what she does NOT wish to see!!! ROFL!

Well, during my break from housework yesterday, I had fun creating some frames that will be coming to you today and in future installments of *Summer Wedding*. I for one, don't think we can ever have enough frames and since I wish this kit to be for much more than just weddings, I am going to be including some fancy and some fairly plain.

Y'all have me chuckling at your PET PEEVES!!! I think everyone of you has said the exact same thing, you don't like alphas that are all in one file. That let's me off the hook now doesn't it??? ROFL!

One of the VERY first things I learned pre-designer was to separate all alphas into individual files as many have programs that do not allow the simple click of a magic wand and/or a selection tool to separate them. My first program prior to PS did NOT allow me to do many things. I could not recolor with control, there were basic presets. Oh those days were almost horrifying and I was doing a lot of CT work back then!!!

I think I just mentioned in the last post that I wish to put together some tutorials, however, I shall pass along some hints, tips, tricks or whatever you wish to call them, as they come to mind. Tonight, for example, I am going to explain to you about why you should not rotate your elements that have bevels applied, which MOST do, more than about 15 degrees in either direction. I wish show you an example with two of the frames you have coming sometime this coming week.

This actually applies to both newer digital scrapbookers as well as new designers who may not have been given a list of industry standards when creating papers and embellishments.

Below you will find two silver scalloped and diamond-studded frames. I will make notes beneath each frame. Industry standard dictates drop shadows and beveling to come from an upper-left light source. With shadows and bevels applied in this manner, rotating an object extensively is going to throw the light source off and the embellishment will no longer boast of realism. Now, we don't want that do we??? LOL!

As a designer who is aware of this, you will find that while I may not always duplicate an exact item (frame for example), I will give you choices! The two frames below will eventually find their way into an installment of *Summer Wedding* specifically so that you are not tempted to and won't rotate the frames other than giving them a slight angle on your page!

Nancy, I always think about how much photo will be hidden when I wrap a frame, which I do every once-in-a-while for those that enjoy them. You will find in today's download that I've left the wrap separate so that you can use it however you wish. Believe it or not Ms. Nancy, I had already done this before reading your post!!! I'm sure that y'all have noticed that I pretty much leave it up to you as to what you will do with my papers and embellishments. I VERY rarely ever cluster anything and think that I've left that to the "scrapatits" that I make!!! I believe this comes from my WONDERFULLY challenging days as a CT. This was WAY back when kits were small and designers wanted you to use 65-75% of their kit contents as a GOOD representation of what the customer had to look forward to. I DO love a challenge and think I've done some of my VERY best work back then!!! I'd be happy now just to find some time to scrap!!! ROFL!

I shall say good night or good MONDAY morning to y'all and thank you, thank you, thank you from the depths of my being for all of the INCREDIBLE comments and feedback to the topic of "pet peeves"! I have two items that I will need to change right off the top. The first being that I need to start writing my TOU up in PDF format. It seems to have pretty much taken over at this point and it is a FREE download from Adobe if any of you do NOT have it already. The second item will have me kicking and screaming and dragging my heals as I create a lot of papers most of the time and I find it VERY difficult to name each paper. That in itself is time consuming for the indecisive person that I am!!! Does BGPaper1, etc. throw your organization off? Let me know. I always name my elements and I always start with what type of element it is; i.e., bow, ribbon, brad, button, etc.



Diamond-Studded Silver Frame in Landscape Orientation

The image above is the landscape frame rotated
counter-clockwise. If you look closely, you will
see how the light-source has changed and is no
longer coming from the upper-left. To eliminate
this problem, simply DO NOT rotate your
embellishments more than 10-15 degrees either
to the left or to the right. *I have just noticed
that the pearl photo strip I gave to y'all in Part
Three needs to be corrected as I forgot to flip the
vertically positioned pearls and it is very obvious!
You may use that as an example of why one should
not flip or mirror an element!!! I will replace it
as soon as possible.*

This is the same diamond-studded silver frame only in
protrait orientation. I ran Atomic Cupcake's *silver*
action on it in this position so as to retain the proper
light source. I also applied Thaty Borges' "gem" styles in
this position for continuity. Now scroll back up to the
first frame and see how the lighting matches that of this
one, number three. You can see right away "why" the
second one does not look right! I hope this helps y'all
just a teeny-weeny bit to make your layouts look professional
and that of a seasoned scrapper if you are not already!!!


The time is 4:25 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order!!! Have a GORGEOUS day y'all!

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