>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

and SO are the rings I bestow upon you this QUIET and PEACEFUL night!!!

Yes, the boys have returned home and it is SO quiet that Robert can hear me typing and I can hear him sighing as he lays a bit restless trying to slumber!!! ROFL! YUP, you guessed it - IT'S RUM-DUMMY HOUR!!! He, he .... ho, ho, ho, ho . . . ha, ha, ha, HA! LOL!

I am actually missing Wyatt and Garret already. We had such a WONDERFULLY fun and talkative day together today! Yes, these two young men LOVE to talk! I would fix them their lunch and even though I was not eating, I would sit with them for a good sum of time and just let them talk about their everyday lives. I actually learned quite a lot this visit! They are SO well-behaved and I let them both know numerous times just HOW proud of them I am for making the stay here with us for 11 days straight with NO video games!!! ROFL!

Wyatt, as I have learned from observation, is kinesthetic (learns by "doing") and can become bored rather easily. Not this time!!! Robert sat him down with Mavis Beacon and we were both amazed at how quickly he figured it all out!!! Wyatt will be nine on the first of September, Labor Day this year! Both boys enjoyed drawing and making booklets. In fact, when they first arrived, they came with Father's Day gifts that they had made at school. YES, I took LOTS of photos of them explaining to Dad all about them!!! SO SWEET and y'all know that I am SUCH a SAP! If I'm not able to post a few tonight, I will do so tomorrow.

We spent most of the afternoon sorting through a HUGE assortment of pants, shorts, shirts, sweatshirts and jackets handed down by their cousin Andrew, which is Robert's firstborn grandchild and grandson! What a blessing to send these boys home with plenty of clothes for school!!!

Andrew's mom passes down clothing the same way in which I did from my children. I always made sure that everything was sparkling and shining in every way possible so that the recipient felt as thought they REALLY were getting NEW clothes. I mean to tell you, the white on the shirts was, INDEED, sparkling!!! LOL!

I've spent the past TWO days straight sorting through and scanning photos for Joan. I zipped up 97 photos in four files last night before retiring and two failed to upload, so first thing this morning I uploaded them again and e-mailed the links to Joan at work. Of course, I just HAD to call her to find out whether I'd done a fair job in my selections!!! ROFL! She was VERY thankful and said that she would probably only use about half of what I sent! I told her I sent extras so that SHE could pick out her favorite one from the duplicates with some minor differences!!!

Aggie dearest, I've received your e-mail and will add your BEAUTIFUL layout to the slideshow in the morning! THANK YOU!

Thank you to those of you who just added your MASTERPIECES to the slideshow yesterday!!! LOOKING GOOD y'all! My goal is to see MORE layouts in the slideshow than MY previews at which time, I shall remove the previews leaving only your BEAUTIFUL creations!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!

Nancy, I hope the GOLD looks 18 karat!!! ROTFLBO!!! You are WAY too humerous, but I knew EXACTLY what you meant!!! The wedding ring that my children's father bought for me was 18 karat and it is generally a lighter gold, yes? Well, anyhoo, let me know what you think as I can go a shade lighter if need be, but I thought this one looked REALLY pretty! My next wedding band and/or ring shall be white-gold as I prefer it since finding out that I am a WINTER years ago!!! LOL! And what exactly does that mean for any who may have a puzzled look upon their face? I had my colors done back in the dino days and you were placed within a season of Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, I being a WINTER. I learned that I am to wear a blue-based red so that my skin does not appear sallow!!! Okay, other things as well but I've rambled on entirely too long for one setting, especially for any of you who just might happen to be "kinesthetic"!

Having homeschooled my six kiddos, as some of you have already heard me say that it was the BEST education of my lifetime, I learned a GREAT deal about learning/teaching styles, personality-types, etc. and it has SO helped me in how I view children's needs. For this, I am FOREVER thankful!

Funny thing, Wyatt was explaining to me at the table during lunch today that he "sucks" at cursive and is having a really difficult time with it. I've only told him to do the BEST that HE can and somewhere down the road, it will get easier for him. And what did I just read as I GOOGLED "kinesthetic" to see what the Internet has to offer? One of the areas of difficulty in school for a "kinesthetic" learner is:

Having legible cursive handwriting - better with printing or keyboarding

That SURELY explains why Wyatt took to Mavis Beacon like a duck to water!!!

Night darlins', have a LOVELY day and "keep on SCRAPPIN'"!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)


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