>> Monday, July 21, 2008

I just had a VERY funny thought! You have to be inside of my head sometime to understand how my thought process works!!! On second thought, that MIGHT be dangerous! Being around Robert for MANY years now has not helped either. The man is SO quick-witted and FUNNIER than I could have ever imagined one could be!!! Yes, he DOES have a serious side (not sure whether it is the left or the right!), so he is rather well-balanced. I'm the one off my rocker, remember??? LOL!

I just realized that as I was typing the title for my post that a man's best friend and a woman's best friend BOTH start with the letter "D"!!! How interesting that is! However, I don't know that either one is as true today as some time ago. What are your thoughts on this?

A man's best friend is his dog?

Diamond's are a girl's best friend?

YAY or NAY and why or why not???

I will tell you my thoughts tomorrow, but as ironic as this may sound, the questions have come from your FREEBIE tonight, which are none other than .... DIAMONDS!!! Guess that gives ya a wee bit of a hint as to where the thought of the topic stemmed from now doesn't it!!! SO, does that put me back into the category of the sane??? Be nice!

I had promised y'all a little something extra special for telling me how Brandy O'Neal came about her design name of Mega Doodle Inspired. Now, you might not think they are SO very special but they are as they were not mechanically constructed!!! Oh, believe me, I tried, but to no avail!!! So, all four frames have hand-set diamonds for that slightly "imperfect" look that is TRULY realistic, is it not? ROFL! Okay, sounds good, but I am learning slowly but surely that things need not always be perfectly centered, etc., etc., and so on!!! I can be SO anal about details sometimes and I am REALLY trying to become more of an artist - HA, HA, don't laugh! Anyhoo, hoo, you get one square, one circle, one portrait and one landscape frame.

Do y'all remember why it is that I am including both a portrait and landscape orientation in these frames??? If so, I'll give you another one to add to the collection in a different shape. Heck, I just might add a few more, ya NEVER know!!! Let me know if you are liking them or not so I don't go overboard!!!

Y'all have had me crackin' up today with your posts!!! It is SO refreshing to come onto my blog and just sit here and chuckle out loud!!! Y'all have made my day and I thank ye for it EVER so kindly!

Mel - my pleasure and you and Ms. Vicki are one HOT team!!! I am sure that most all of you have already been to Vicki and Mel's blogs to download their collaboration, Summer Treats!!! It is SO delicious! If you have not been yet, you will find their links under my NEW HOT DESIGNERS category. This is a MUST-HAVE!!!

My BFF, Snowsmoon's Design is still BUGGING us with her ADORABLE little critters!!! Have you been collecting them??? She even has the SWEETEST bug jar with a rustic top - LOVE IT! You don't want to miss Dawn's goodies either. So RUN, don't "crawl" over to her blog and let her BUG ya!!! Or, YOU can bug HER if you want and tell her that I sent you!!! She just started her college courses today SO let's give her a GOOD cheer while we're there too, K??? Busy, busy lady. She will be working full-time, carrying a full load of courses and making us FREEBIES!!! Thank you girlfriend!!! You ROCK ... and then SOME!

SHARON love - I am SO sorry to hear that you are not feeling well and hope that the SUNSHINE that you spread around SCRAPLAND everyday shines on your brightly and finds you feeling better this morning!!! XOXO

Irene - too FUNNY! I was on my way to your blog last night but couldn't keep my eyes open any longer!!! She may not be back to read this y'all, but I have to introduce you to Irene O'Neill who is the person who encouraged my curiosity in designing to become the "real deal"!!! I took a beginning elements in design using Photoshop at our 3S Academy at 3Scrapateers. AWESOME teacher and guess what, I GOT IT!!! LOL! Irene and Brenda Cook, a 3Scrapateers' partner were my very FIRST mentors. Thank you ladies - YOU ROCK!

Karen - thanks for having my back girlfriend!!! I received your e-mail and will reply in the morning if you happen to catch this before you go to bed! LOVE YA!

Rose Addict - ROTFLMBO!!! Ya know, perhaps it is FIBRO FOG that has kept those links alive for so long!!!

Laraine - HELLO VANCOUVER!!! I will always remember what you wrote now as I've never heard that, but it makes perfect sense. The city with an identity crisis!!! What a HOOT! Would you mind giving a SHOUT OUT to my girls for me!!! TY!

Mandi - WOW!!! And to think, I've always wanted to be an interior designer!!! I was, like in shock when I read your post!!! You are the first to share THAT with me!!! I bet it is GORGEOUS and I would surely LOVE to see some photos post-production if you're game!!! TY sweetie!

Barb - I can only imagine HOW beautiful your daughter's wedding was and how dashing her husband must have looked in his dress greens!!! I LOVE the idea of the bridesmaids in green, however Joan's bridesmaids are wearing brown. April, my oldest daugher, is going to be her maid of honor and while visiting week before last, she described the dresses and they DO sound LOVELY! Thanks for sharing!

Chris - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY a little after the fact!!! YES, YES, YES - I would LOVE a photo of your wedding in the gazebo!!! Thank you!!!

lindawalton at caltel dot com

Southern Belle - OMGosh!!! I was almost on the floor reading your comment!!! Thank you for the after midnight laughter. We ALL know I'm already RUM DUMMY, but hearing funny stories will send me right over the edge ... and onto the floor!!! TY!

Belle1019 - I agree with you whole-heartedly on the complimentary color green with your sons wedding colors of pink, champagne and brown. Oh my, that sounds SO yummy!!!

Well darlings, my eyes are drooping and begging me to let them close, so I'd better bid you good night and thank EACH and EVERY one of you for your LOVELY and HUMEROUS comments. It seems that Aunt Flo is really not wanted in any of our homes OR lives, but we must mind our manners and entertain her cheerfully!!! Did I say it was past RUM DUMMY hour already??? YOU KNOW IT!

Have a GORGEOUS day everyone!!!

Night loves,
Linda :)


The time is 3:30 am PST - link has been checked and is in
proper working order!!! Let me see those masterpieces in
the slideshow PRETTY please!!! Y'all ROCK!!! XOXO

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