>> Saturday, July 26, 2008

I think y'all just might find this a WEE bit amusing! As I am sitting here tonight, once again, HAND-SETTING the diamonds in the UP and DOWN arrows so that the light source is coming from the upper-left on each, it suddenly occurs to me that DIAMOND-SETTING is in MY BLOOD!!! ROFL!

YUP, my grandfather on my father's side was a watchmaker in England before setting sail for America, landing on Ellis Island and settling in the Bronx in New York. I would imagine he settled in a Jewish neighborhood as both of my grandparents came to America speaking Yiddish. I have just GOT to continue my genealogy trace VERY soon. I had accomplished SO much in two weeks a few years ago and have not touched it since. I just find it all SO fascinating and with the help of a Polish designer I have befriended over at Digital Scrap Connection, I believe I now have the correct spelling of our "original" surname before my grandfather changed it when he arrived in England! WOO HOO!

Anyhoo, my grandfather was a jeweler in Brooklyn, New York (where my father was born), so I guess it stands to reason that I have absolutely NO problem sitting here and hand placing each of these digitally created diamonds!!! He, he ...

Tonight's *Summer Wedding* FREEBIE includes the UP and DOWN arrow and a DIAMOND-STUDDED silver frame in the portrait orientation to match the landscape one that I gave you a while back. I hadn't meant to wait so long for you to have the matched pair, but somehow I kept overlooking it as other ideas were popping into my head!

I spoke with Joan today and I MUST have photos scanned and sent to her tomorrow. I've just gotten SO far behind with Robert not feeling well and so far tomorrow looks uneventful!!!

I hope y'all are having a LOVELY weekend. I am still looking forward to seeing those MASTERPIECES in the slideshow above. I usually check for any that are awaiting approval prior to posting, but will do so tonight just as soon as I am finished here! THANK YOU!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for ALL of the WONDERFUL comments. Y'all just SO totally make my day and keep me INSPIRED to keep on creating!!!

Joan goes for her final pick of flowers for her bridal bouquet. I have held off on putting one together for y'all until I get the final word as to what flowers she will be using as well as colors, which, of course, will only be green and white!!! ROTFLMBO - silly me!!!

I have a few of you awaiting e-mail replies and I shall get to those just as quickly as I am able, which will most likely be Monday morning. Thank you for your patience as these last few weeks unfold. I have to make an appointment at a salon up the hill and go shopping for a dress and the boys all need to get their measurements taken so that Joan can order their suits!!! This will be our first family portrait since my olders daughter, April, was married in August of 2001!!! I am getting SO excited!!!

BUTTON, BUTTON, WHOSE GOT THE BUTTON??? Hmmm .... WE ALL DO!!! LOL!!! I shall have some more for you tomorrow night! ANY guesses?????

SWEET DREAMS and have a GORGEOUS tomorrow!!!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)


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