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OR, so it seems!!! ROFL! Nineteen years ago this VERY date, I was teary-eyed and FULL of joy as I gave birth to the last of my brood! Luke was born at 4:54 am PST and John came along behind him nine minutes later at 5:04 am PST. LOL! They are documented on their birth certificates as only being four minutes apart but we have video to prove otherwise!!! Not a biggie!

Yep, SO Luke is a whole nine minutes older and while April was here visiting, a few good stories came about when she use to use that against John. Well, he has been BREATHING nine minutes longer than you and .... ROFL!!! She had us crackin' up!

I was trying SO hard to get this posted before I went to bed, but I just could not hang any longer earlier this morning. Good 'ol FIBRO thingy has kicked me in the backside once again. Nancy, I am stubborn I'll admit, I should not have done SO much in such a short amount of time! However, I was QUITE pleased to have accomplished SO much!

I have a couple of things I'd like to share with you VERY quickly and then I need to get to work over here and finish up a few things.

In my last post, I had mentioned how blessed I felt that day as I'd had some LOVELY e-mails and some FABULOUS inspiration sent my way!

SHARON, I know that you are on your way to Ireland (LUCKY girl!) and I wish to thank you and ED SO very much for the WONDERUL photos of bridal bouquet arrangements and for sharing the photos from you son's wedding. Sharon sent these to me when she read that I was hoping to DIGITALLY create a bouquet for our *Summer Wedding* goodies! I think she has given me just what I need to get my head to wrap around putting one together, now just need a bit of time!

AGGIE, thank you SO very much for this MOST beautiful award that you have created yourself with the help of some VERY talented designers - Moonbeam, Autistic Wonder and Alexeeva!!! I am QUITE honored to be a recipient of this HEARTFELT creation and I shall wear it proudly on my blog! THANK YOU sweetie!

Aggie has sent me a MOST lovely layout to add to the slideshow and I really LOVE the ribbon flowers layered in triplicate to create an OUTSTANDING frame around the newlyweds! I've already added it to the slideshow! Aggie's award means A LOT to me as she is one of the reasons why I continue to do what I do in giving SO many freebies.

Having been a single parent to six children, I understand what it is to not be able to purchase what was needed to feed my creative appetite. I was fortunate enough to have been well-stocked from years prior to afford me the privilege of crafting and selling them here in a local shop nearly a decade ago!

I waited a rather long time to be able to do any "bona fide" scrapbooking due to limited funds. When I found digital, I was THRILLED to NO end!!! And the FREEBIES were not as plentiful three plus years ago as they are now!!! There was NO "Digi Free" site to visit each day, nor were there any freebie searching blogs!!! We've come a long way ladies!!! OW, OW!!!

Anyhoo, back to my share about Aggie. Aggie finds digital scrapbooking to be her creative outlet and respite from caring for her 89-year-old mother with Alzheimer's. It is those of you such as Aggie and myself that I wish to keep scrapping so that ALL may have the ability to preserve what is MOST precious and PRICELESS!!! Then, I do need to make an income too, so I believe I am attaining the BEST of both worlds here on my blog!!! Thank you ALL for your continued support and EVER thoughtful comments of thanks and inspiration!!! You are THE BEST!

I have one last share along with a small request. My VERY dear and sweet, long-time Internet friend, Carole Nordyke (3Scrapateers), is leaving tomorrow from her home in Hugoton, Kansas, along with her husband, to drive to Wichita for back surgery which will be performed this Friday morning at 10:30 am. Carol has already had three other bone surgeries in the past two years and we are hoping and praying that this surgery will do the trick in getting Carole back into the swing of things and able to, as she says, "be the FUN person that I used to be"!

Carole and I talk via tele nearly every week and we LAUGH between the two of us and the ills that we are SO despearately trying to overcome. I have GREAT faith that we both SHALL do so!!!

So, if y'all would help me in sending Carole off with WELL-WISHES, I would just be TICKLED whatever your favorite color is!!! LOL! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers that the surgery goes smoothly and that her recovery time is INSANELY short!!!

I LOVE you Carole and I'm going to try giving you a call just as soon as I've gotten this posted!

CHANTAL, my dearest French lovely, I shall mail you ABSOLUTELY as soon as possible sweetheart!!! Thank you for being SO patient with me and for sending me a birthday gift. I am, again, QUITE honored!!!

STORMIE, I shall be over to check out your blog later on today I hope. I am trying to get a few things finished up today. Thank you for your LOVELY compliments and ALL of the parts to *Summer Wedding* are still active links. If you click on this one today and are taken to the 4-shared page, look where it says something about a SHARED FOLDER and it is entitled SUMMER WEDDING. If you click on that, you will have access to ALL of the *Summer Wedding* zip files uploaded to date!!! This goes for any of you who may just be starting to collect!!!

TINK - I like SO need to catch up on your blog these next few weeks. Thank you for being such a GOOD friend!

DAWN - girlfriend, if you happen to read this - CONGRATULATIONS again on school. WOO HOO!!! You've been awfully quiet the past few days and I figure you have been in SUPER-DUPER creative mode!!! Thanks for helping me SO quickly the other night - GREATLY appreciated by both myself and Ms. Kimmi Stewart!

If I've missed anyone, please HOLLER at me!!! Uhm .... gently though, okay??? LOL!

Thank you my FAITHFUL BLOGETTES and I hope that you like *Summer Wedding*, Part Ten. We are now up to "30" background papers - not sure how many elements!!! The papers are a no-brainer as I put three in each download and this is the tenth!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!! OH, and this download includes the journal book frame from the VERY first download, only this one is plain for you to decorate as you wish! You can even use the entire left-hand side for journaling!!! :)

Have a GLORIOUS day everyone and BON SCRAPATIT!!!

Linda :)

Plaque created LOVINGLY by Agnes Herron using designs by
Moonbeam, Autistic Wonder and Alexeeva. THANK YOU Aggie!


The time is 1:25 pm PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order!!! Have a SCRAP HAPPY day y'all!

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