>> Saturday, July 19, 2008

LOL! RUM DUMMY is not the GREATEST way to start out a post I suppose, but BOY are my eyes a burnin' tonight!!! LOL! Okay, this morning!

SO much to say and I'm afraid I'll collapse onto my keyboard before I am able to "type" it all out!!!

Firstly, WOW, WHOA, PINCH ME PLEASE!!! Was I EVER shocked and awed by Ginger's (GingerScraps) tribute to my designs for her VERY special Friday Feature this week!!! THANK YOU Ginger and that was A LOT of work putting that ALL together darlin'!!! I am QUITE honored and it still seems rather surreal! I think it is SO cool that you do the weekly feature as it surely helps the digital community at large to get to know each other a little bit better, not to mention introducing a nice variety of designers out and about in SCRAPLAND!

Ginger, thank you also for sharing about your auto-immune disease. It just seems like there is a multitude of them going around these days and I, MOI, am on a mission to eradicate all ills from my body! It will take some time, patience and determination, but I am enthusiastic about the prospect of having my health back once again! So many things I have researched and read over the past decade are coming around full-circle and I shall report to y'all after the wedding if I have experienced significant changes during my course of declaring WAR on what ails me!!! ROFL!!!

I am going to do a bit of research on what you are dealing with Ginger love as I am not really familiar with it and I always love the challenge of familiarizing myself with as many of the auto-immune diseases as I am able. I also, as well as others, find it interesting just how many of us "addicted" digital scrappers deal with chronic pain issues. I know for me, and I'm sounding redundant I know, scrapping and designing puts my mind in another realm and allows me to rise above the pain while fixed/focused on something else. Again, I do not take pain meds as we simply DO NOT get along and I'd probably never make it to my computer chair, so I look forward to my creative time, which is my pain reliever! I'm good for about two hours on my feet cleaning, shopping, etc., after which time the body tells me I've overdone it and I then need to relax before I get to the point of feeling like I've been beat up or hit by a truck!!!

I think most of you will agree with the knowledge that is out today about STRESS being at the root of MANY of the auto-immune diseases. Fibromyalgia is generally brought on by trauma. That trauma can cover anything from experiencing a traumatic loss, being the victim of a violent crime, abuse (emotional, sexual and/or physical), a car accident, witnessing a violent crime or going to war.

Some do not equate one going to war and one being in a car accident or being abused, or any of the other afore mentioned possibilities, capable of producing the same extent of trauma. However, as I have learned over the years through lots of research, sharing with others and psychological counsel after being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the brain receptors respond pretty much respond the same no matter what the trauma may be.

Anyhoo, hoo, I am trying to achieve the well-being I experienced in the latter part of 2000 through most of 2001. Of course, with the LOVELY fact that I am preparing to meet menopause, which throws a smallish wrench into whole scenario!!! I am SO glad that I am a patient person, otherwise, I'm sure I'd have gone ballistic by now!!! LOL!

I know that several of you have shared with me before some of the things you experience in your lives. Is there anyone out there that has overcome an auto-immune disease that would like to share with us??? Come on down! Pretty please!

Hmmm ... I sure can go on-and-on, can't I??? Wouldn't it be funny if one night I just posted a title and left a "freebie" without typing a word about anything else!!! OMGosh ... y'all probably think I'd really taken ill!!! LOL!!!

Thank you ALL for such WARM FUZZIES!!! Y'all REALLY know how to make a girl feel LOVED!!! But then, I hope, that y'all know my giving SO freely of my designs is because I wish to show my LOVE for y'all and to give you WARM FUZZIES as well as to help everyone ALL around this GREAT big BEAUTIFUL world to preserve their heritage!

I was going to share with you some more WONDERFUL commercial-use items but my hands are pitching a fit tonight and I'll have to wait and share with you tomorrow, K?

OOOPS, I almost forgot .... "BY NO MEANS IS THIS THE END" refers to *Summer Wedding*!!! I have several things I wish yet to do, but they will take some time and I've been in the midst of project designs so all the ideas are in my head, scribbled on notepaper and awaiting a few moments of time with which to begin executing them!!! Tonight's goodie is Scrapatit #2 and this TOTALLY boasts of CLEAN LINES!!! That's just the way things went, but I really like it and I think it will make for a WONDERFUL heritage layout as well as for a wedding. SURPRISE ME!!! I'd LOVE to see some more (A LOT MORE) of your MASTERPIECES in the *Summer Wedding* slideshow!!! Thank you!!!

Sandy darlin', if you happen to read this, I have jotted myself a note to remind me to go and purchase the ScrapStyle e-zine at 3Scrapateers so that I can view your layouts! Please forgive me - my head is FULL and I am somewhat on TILT and have made myself somewhat of a list today for the things that I need to complete for some of y'all!!! Thank you for your patience. Only FOUR more weeks until Joan's wedding day and I've a TON to do on this end pre-departure! C-A-L-G-O-N, take me away!!! NOT! TOO much to do!!! He, he ...

Have a MOST incredible weekend everyone and I will have a little something EXTRA for y'all for telling me how MEGA DOODLE INSPIRED got her name!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!!

Sweet dreams, good night and GOOD MORNING!

Linda :)

P.S. CHRIS - thank you for catching my BOO-BOO!!! Yes, this should have been marked as *Summer Wedding* #11!!! Not to worry for those of you who use previews as I will make a preview of all of the previews when the series is finished. LOL! It will be a two-pager for sure!


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