roses are red ... and apples are blue?

>> Tuesday, May 31, 2011

These apples are not only blue but really good for you too! Check out what The Doctors have to say about this amazing new product and then read my post below the video for details on how to purchase these by way of an amazing deal at Mamapedia Sweet Deals:

SEE VIDEO HERE!  (I did not realize that it plays automatically every time my blog is logged onto!  Argh!  Sorry.

Who isn't trying to pinch pennies these days?  After viewing the white paper section listed on the how it works page on the BluApple website, I am ordering three sets (the maximum allowed).  I will be sending a set to each of my girls who both eat lots of fresh fruit and veggies!  At $5/set (shipping is a flat rate of $3), you simply cannot bypass this fabulous Mamapedia Sweet Deal!

If you've never purchased via Mamapedia Sweet Deals (similar to Groupon, which I subscribe to as well), head on over, check it out and sign up for future deals to be mailed right to your inbox each day.

I look forward to seeing what's offered each day and, while I delete most of them, there is the occasional killer deal that I just have to take a closer look at.  Before purchasing the daily deal, I always scour the website hosting the offer to make sure I know exactly what I am going to receive, how many I can purchase and when the code will expire.  The latter usually being the most important to me! *wink*

You will not see me posting anything like this on a regular basis, however, if I really feel it something that you might be interested in and/or is unbelievably priced and difficult to pass up, I will jump in to post as quickly as possible to try and ensure that you are able to take advantage of the deal too!

This particular Mamapedia Sweet Deal ends in 2 days and 9 hours or so from the time of this posting!

Let me know what you think and if you decide to purchase the deal!  I know how much produce I throw out from spoiling (not intentionally) and am looking forward to putting that to an end! *smile*

Here's to an apple a day of a different color!

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