>> Tuesday, October 2, 2007

WOW! I have not been here for TWO whole days!!! How'd that happen? He, he ... yeah, come on, y'all know ... it's called LIFE!

Here I left you with the news that I was going to meet my son, Mark's, future in-laws and then I don't show up to let you know how things went!!! LOL!

Okay, I don't get out much! Not because I can't, just because I've been SOOOOO busy learning NEW things in the world of design AND blogging!!!

We met at Applebee's (haven't been there in over a year) and I have to be really careful about what I eat as my body is rebelling against the "typical" meals an American is accustomed to eating! I ordered a shrimp salad (full plate) and my son somehow talked me into the "PERFECT" margarita!!! Anyhoo, somewhere between the shrimp salad and the margarita or a combination of the two, this girl has not felt well for the past two days!!! We had a FABULOUS time with Mike and Lisa, had some GREAT laughs and had to leave them across the parking lot at the movie theater where they, along with the kiddos, were anxiously awaiting the viewing of the Borne Identity. What about us? ROFL! Don't ask ... we went home! LOL! I guess it was TOO much excitement for these OLD timers to handle in ONE night!!! He, he ...

I have been intently working on my submission for our up and coming October F.U.N. Mega Kit, which BOASTS a HERITAGE theme with a GORGEOUS color palette!!! Stay-tuned for 3Scrapateers' BIG announcement and how you can obtain this BEAUTY as I shall post ALL info right here, including a PREVIEW as soon as it has been released! Y'all will LOVE this one FOR SURE!!! That's ALL I'm saying ....

Well, I'd better get back to work putting the final touches on my contribution. This is my FIRST time to design anything "heritage" and it's been a GRAND challenge and PLEASURE to work along side of some EXTRAORDINARY designers!!! If you haven't had a chance to stop by the
3SCRAPATEERS' STORE lately, you've just GOT TO check out ALL of our NEW designer's LOVELY additions. The link will take you directly to the page that posts ALL of the NEWEST uploads.

Oh, one more piece of news to share that I just happened to spot on the "Browse all Digital Products" page. Our VERY own CRAFTING QUEEN, Pam Meadows, has just listed her up and coming
"12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS AND HANUKKAH CLASS". The link will take you right to the location where you can read all about it! I am SO excited as Pam has some INCREDIBLE crafts lined up to help us get a head start on our Christmas lists with some WONDERFUL homemade gifts for EVERYONE on our lists!!! YAY!!! WOO HOO!!! Thank you Pam!

Okay, the RAMBLER is leaving the room!

Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY y'all!!!


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