>> Monday, October 22, 2007

WOW!!! I missed yesterday! LOL! Actually, I missed computer time as we had my fiance's two youngest boys for the weekend. Wyatt is 8 and Garret 6 - need I say more!!! They are SWEETHEART'S, but busier than all get-out and needing our attention every moment! My youngest are twin boys and they just recently became adults! Sort of like having grandchildren, but not! Did that make sense??? ROFL!

I just realized that my "ABOUT ME" is all about my business life and nothing about my personal life, so I shall have to work on adding a little bit about my family! There are A LOT of us! LOL!

I spoke with Mama late afternoon/early evening and her progress is simply AMAZING! She is walking very well and there is still heaviness in her right arm which will most likely remain for a few months according to her doctors. They did give her a coordination test and she passed with flying colors and the nurse was in awe! Mama's nurse told her that her left and right arms are equal in strength. Normally, if we are right-handed, our right arm would be stronger - SO, not bad!

Mama officially turns "80" tomorrow the 23rd and my little brother (different mother) turns "50"!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mama and Tom!!!

So how is Mama spending her time in the rehabilitation facility? She is working on favors for her BIG BASH on Saturday!!! Now doesn't it sound like she is ready to go home? She's hoping for a Thursday release.

Well, after posting Bonnie's GORGEOUS scraplets (scrapatits), I obviously have been inspired!!! I hope you like it. I have one more to complete for a set of 10, but may add an extra as I had not realized that Bonnie's two were pretty much the same as she had included one PNG file and one JPG. Yours truly changed it to a PNG file as I did not think it would be so easy for someone to add three photos on top of the layer without a lot of cropping.

Until tomorrow - Bon Scrapatit!


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