ANOTHER FREEBIE ALERT!!! And ... a BIG apology from the resident BOOF!

>> Sunday, October 14, 2007

And just what is it I need to apologize for you ask? Oh, my heart just sank when I was preparing for y'all another SCRAPATIT from my *A Thank"fall" Heart* scrapkit only to find that I had made a BIG boo-boo on the first one that I uploaded for y'all last night!!! HORRORS! I am a rather detail-oriented person, however, that does NOT always mean that I catch things when I should!!!

Okay, so what is the BIG BOOF I made? Well, I had applied a "red" stroke to the film strip to make sure that I did NOT have ANY stray pixels lurking about and .... well .... YES, I forgot to remove the "red" stroke before saving it as a PNG file! You can even see the stroke on the preview!!! I think the reason NOBODY has made mention of it is that it looks like it was meant to be part of the element!!! NOT! If so, it would have been "cranberry" and not BRIGHT red!!!

Now, how do I ask the OVER 600 people who have visited my blog today to download Scrapatit #1 to please disregard it and to download the CORRECTED file??? I am SOOOOOO sorry and YES, I am human and it tis human to err! The lesson learned from this little mishap - CHECK, CHECK and THRICE CHECK to make sure that EVERYTHING appears in order before the FINAL SAVE!!!

So, without further ado, you will find below the NEW download link for Scrapatit #1, a layout I have created with Scrapatit #2 and, of course, it's DOWNLOAD LINK! I will be removing the OLD link and replacing it with a note to look here for the NEW one!

I am DEDICATING Scrapatit #2 to Sue, who posted that she would LOVE to put together a FALL album but is NEW to digital scrapbooking and does not know how to make such NICE pages yet! Thank you for the LOVELY compliment Sue! I am going to try to add a new SCRAPATIT each day (or my night!) this coming week to give you enough pages for a 10-page album. Forgive me if I may double up on a day or two as I have several projects in the works, but rest assured that they will make an appearance!

Again, THANK YOU ALL for your CONTINUED SUPPORT and I must say that you are helping ME to get some SCRAPPING done for myself as well!!! WOO HOO!

Have a FANTABULOUS week ahead everyone and Bon Scrapatit!

An aerial view of the village of Capranica, Italy where I
stayed for a month! Ahhhh .... Italia .... la vita dolce!

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