>> Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hi y'all!!! I'm here, I'm here!!! It just took me a bit longer to get this all together than I had anticipated. I will stop here! ROFL .... yeah, right!!! LOL! The rest of my dialog is below and I've even included a photo of Mama with ALL seven of us.

If you scroll down to the VERY bottom of my page, you will see a banner-sized color photo of me (far right) with ALL of my brothers and sisters. I do need to stop and clarify as something just crossed my mind! These are not actually ALL of my brothers and sisters!!! I also have two more brothers and a sister on my father's side. There are ELEVEN of us total. Now that is really WILD as I am thinking about it - Robert and I have ELEVEN children between the two of us. ROFL!!! Is not LIFE simply AMAZING? Okay, yes, yes, YES .... I DO have my moments!!! But ALL-IN-ALL ... it's ALL good and I am EVER thankful!

My favorites are the FOIL EMBOSSED fireworks which print out VERY nicely! I used the GOLD for a wedding layout of one of our nieces recently.

Mama trying to explain to the audience just how many of us there are!!! Is she not a riot, or what??? Who me? LOL!

Okay, I'm figuring this out so give me a break! I am the oldest of the girls, which just naturally makes me the MORE serious and motherly one, right? ROFL! Will you look at my face (far right) - I looked this way in every single photo taken with my camera! I am naturally a "ham" in my own right, but I could not stop looking at ALL of these PRECIOUS faces while listening to their silly antics and keep a dry eye! It is TRULY a FIREWORKS MOMENT for me and one that I shall hold near and dear to my heart forevermore. I remember just putting my arm around my brother Todd and saying, "This is MY brother"!!!

My FREEBIE for you tonight is from my DEBUT scrapkit, appropriately titled, "A FIREWORKS MOMENT"! This kit is HUGE (16 beautifully textured BG papers and 60 elements) and is currently on sale in my 3S store for ONLY $3.00! You may find it HERE.

I created this kit to be versatile enough for ANYONE around the WORLD to use for ANY special occasion! My definition of a "fireworks moment" is one in which you would LOVE to shout out to the world and/or shoot off some fireworks!!! By the way .... shhhhhhh .... someone at Mama's party did shoot off a couple of pretty spectacular fireworks in the backyard in celebration of Mama's "80" years and first-time gathering of ALL seven of her children! It was SO awesome!!!

A VERY special, from the depths of my soul, THANK YOU to all of you for taking the time to post your well-wishes, Happy Birthday wishes and thoughts about this MOST remarkable and blessed time in our lives! I'm going to run out of kleenex here pretty quick now - I am SO deeply touched. Y'all RAWK ... and then SOME!!!

I will work on adding to "Color Me Christmas" tomorrow and have something posted for you tomorrow night! I was also going to mention that I rotated the SCRAPATIT to better house my photo and it turned out okay! I usually don't like to rotate where there is shadowing or beveling involved as it throws the light source off but this did not seem to be as affected as I would have thought!!!

Bon Scrapatit y'all ... until tomorrow!

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