>> Friday, October 19, 2007

It's FRIDAY y'all and it's FREEBIE time! Okay, so EVERYDAY has been FREEBIE time as of late, but this one is EXTRA special!!!

For those who attended and posted their project for Pam's Creative Crafty Crop earlier this week, this was given as a crop freebie and posting bonus and you won't need to download again!

I hope y'all ENJOY this SWEET little BRAG BOOK that will SHOWCASE some of your MOST memorable Halloween moments! This is actually the FIRST brag book that I've made and I had GREAT fun putting the pages together - I hope that you like them!

If you know of anyone that might be looking for a little something to put together a QUICK album, please let them know as I will only leave the links for downloading until MIDNIGHT, Sunday, October 21st, after which I shall be uploading to my 3Scrapateers' store!!! I just could NOT resist giving y'all a TREAT!!!

I have another personal quote to leave you with tonight. This one I made into a piece of word art that is included in my FREE mini-kit in this month's DEBUT issue of 3Scrapateers' Scrap Style e-zine and I will post more info on that in the morning!

"New beginnings are only a SUNRISE away!" - this came to me as I was thinking about our theme for the debut issue of Scrap Style, which is NEW BEGINNINGS and what I would do for a FREE mini-kit. You know how you just start thinking about something and one thought leads to another and so on!!! Well, I was thinking about the fact that when I arise each morning, I am thankful that it is a NEW day and that I can put behind me any negative portion of the day before. Thus cometh the thought about the sunrise bringing about the opportunity to start ANEW!

Have a SPECTACULAR Saturday y'all!

Bon Scrapatit!

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