I'm LATE, I'm LATE .... for a VERY important date!!!

>> Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Well, as Tara mentioned tonight in the chatroom, "when it rains, it pours" or it's a DRY spell!!! Even the BIGGEST digital umbrella could not stop the FLOOD in my list of "things to do"!!! ROFL ... but then, I 'd much rather have TOO much to do than not enough, wouldn't you?

I said that I would post PREVIEWS of the "You Don't Know Jack" brag book for those who have already attended Pam's, "Creative Crafty Crop" earlier this evening OR for those who still wish to participate. I haven't checked Pam's thread in the forum yet, so I am not sure what the deadline is but will update as soon as I am privy to the info!!!
Pam gave out two of the pages as Attendance Gifts for attending the crop and will give the rest of the BRAG BOOK as a POSTING BONUS to those who complete their project and post to the Creative Crafty Crop gallery. Again, I will check the details and post here for you.

I am just wrapping up my FIRST Half-n-Half kit, "A Thankfall Heart" and should have it in the store LATE tonight or EARLY morning!!! Not sure why, but I've just sort of struggled a bit with this one. I think it had to do with trying out some new AWESOME "rustic" styles and playing around with them and then deciding to leave them in their NATURAL state!!! I will post a PREVIEW of "A Thankfall Heart" tomorrow morning.

I could not find a color palette that would JUMP right out at me, so I created my own and hope y'all like it!

Okay, enough jabbering-jibberish!!! I get SUPER wound-up when I'm tired and can talk and/or type 100 miles per hour!!!

SWEET DREAMS everybody!

Hugs, Linda :)

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