FREEBIE ALERT!!! *A Thank"fall" Heart Scrapatit #4!

>> Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm in by the click of my mouse as it quickly approaches the MIDNIGHT HOUR!!!

Scrapatit #4 is pretty simple and I played with it for a while! You know how you just have those times when the MOJO has got up and went? Well, this was one of those times! I think this one will be great for a variety of photos and you have lots of room to add your own goodies if you choose to do so. I would really LOVE to see what y'all put together and would encourage you to either post them to a gallery somewhere and e-mail me the link OR you can simply e-mail me the jpg and I would LOVE to post them right here on my blog!!! SURPRISE ME! ROFL!!!

I did not get much accomplished on the computer today as I was able to catch up with my two best friends and digi-sisters on the phone today AND spent quite a bit of time speaking with Mama!

I had tried calling Mama at 11:30 am PST and they had indeed tested her to the point of exhaustion. She said she needed to nap and I told her to call me when she felt up to talking and that I would call her right back.

She called me at about 4-ish this afternoon (yesterday now!) and had just returned from having an MRI. We should know the results of her tests sometime tomorrow I imagine. They have her up using a walker as she is still having difficulty with her right arm and leg. She will be needing therapy upon release from the hospital and her living arrangements will change a bit as well.

Well, this girl is TIRED tonight and the 'ol eyeballs are barely at half-mast!!!

I will try to double-up on Scrapatits tomorrow as I will be hosting my Half-n-Half crop at 3Scrapateers on Thursday night and will most likely not have a chance to blog! Now that is a horrible thought! I'm just getting used to this!

Thank you ONE and ALL for your kindness, your well-wishes and prayers for Mama - I just LOVE my digi-sisters! What a MOST incredible community of women (and men!) that come together with such HEART!

May you all have a WONDERFUL Wednesday and Bon Scrapatit!

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