It's time for a FABULOUS FRIDAY FREEIBE from Bon Scrapatit Designs!!!

>> Friday, October 5, 2007

Hi y'all!!! How's EVERYBODY doing this FABULOUS FRIDAY night? Are y'all ready for the upcoming weekend? ANY exceptional plans? Anyone working on WINTERIZING their homes?

Robert will be cutting wood tomorrow next door on our landlord's property. We just recently bought a cord and a half of cedar (we LOVE the smell, although it does burn much faster than oak) and our landlord has been kind enough to offer up an oak and a pine tree that have fallen and are ALREADY seasoned!!!
Robert will also be draining the swamp cooler and putting a cover on it as well as putting his birdhouses in safe and dry storage before the rains come.

This is TRULY our favorite time of the year!!! The air is already CRISP and COOL in the mornings and evenings! Robert came home yesterday from work with FOUR bottles of YUMMY liquid potpourri, most of which were our favorite scent for fall, Pumpkin Spice!!!

Robert is such a practical joker and all-around humerous gentlemen and he can pull off a good one without SO much as a smile on his face! NOT ME! I start busting up before I can even get two sentences out of my mouth!!! Anyhoo, I walked out into the living room and asked what that YUMMY smell was? He replied, "what does it smell like?". I wasn't sure but it was a bit on the sweet and delicious side and then I spotted one of our son's cup of tea on the counter and thought it was that. Of course, I was busy in here on the computer and didn't have time to be SO distracted!!!

My oldest son walks in from work and asks what it is that smells SO good? ROFL! We were none the wiser as Robert had pulled the wool over our eyes and had us thinking we were simply "smelling" things that were not there!
This morning while putting towels away from the dryer, I happened to notice a partially used bottle of something sitting on the table in our spare room. Natuarally, I just had to take a CLOSER look as I'd not seen the bottle there before. And what to my wondering eyes should appear? A label that read POTPOURRI - FOOLED YOU dear!!! Okay, so I added in the last part!!! ROFL!

Now all I need to do is clean house this weekend and bring out the FALL decor and my darlin' Robert will be OVERJOYED!!! He has asked me twice now why I have not yet decorated! What a guy!

Okay, I'm sure that y'all have finally figured out that I do the majority of my blog postings LATE at night as that is the best time for me to do so without a MILLION distractions from all of the adults in my house!!! LOL!

I hope that you ENJOY this Friday's FREEBIE, which coordinates with my "You Dont' Know Jack" scrapkit, which can be found on sale through the month of October for ONLY $4.50 in my 3S STORE!

This week's FABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE includes:

4 - Background Papers (3 patterned, 1 solid)
1 - Patterned Slide
1 - Orange Tag
1 - 1 Yellow Metal Brad
1 - Orange/Black Multi-Bow
1 - Set of Yellow Metal Photo Prongs with Black Beads

This kit is HUGE and is done in TRADITIONAL Halloween colors of Orange, Yellow. Black and White. There are a TOTAL of 18 background papers and a PLETHORA of elements that will take you WAY beyond Halloween with all of the WONDERFULY patterned papers that will work well for MANY occasions and FESTIVE events. "You Dont' Know Jack" is PERFECT for girl and boy layouts, FALL, black and white themes (you'll LOVE the black and white checkered paper and alpha!), parties, outdoor fun and SO much more! If you look further down my blog, you will see the TWO previews!!!

I will be adding MORE coordinating FREEBIES through this month as I have MANY papers and elements that did not make it into the kit, SO make sure to stop by for each FABULOUS FRIDAY FREEBIE throughout the month of October to collect them all!

Have a SPLENDID weekend y'all and BON SCRAPATIT!!!

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