>> Monday, October 15, 2007

Hope this finds everyone off to a GREAT start this week! I shall be short and sweet tonight (LOL! Who me?)

I was just preparing to zip up tonight's FREEBIE when one of my sons brought the phone to me with my Uncle Greg on the other end of it. First thought that went through my mind was that my mom (she lives with us but has been away visiting other family) was at his house and he was going to be bringing her home at the end of the week. Instead, Uncle Greg informed me that Mama was in the hospital and had suffered a mild stroke. He let me know RIGHT away that it did not affect her speech and that it looks as though she will recover 100% from the doctor's findings thus far. WOO HOO!

PHEW! No one EVER likes getting these types of phone calls, however when your parents are getting up in age, you try to prepare yourself for it as best you can.

I just met my mom 10 years ago this month. I was flown to Hawai'i for her 70th birthday and then we all gathered here in California the following month for a BIG Thanksgiving reunion. I met two brothers and three sisters for the first time along with cousins, aunts and uncles. It was a DEFINITE "wow" moment in my life and still is!

On the 27th of this month, we are gathering reunion-style once again to CELEBRATE my PRECIOUS Mama's 80th birthday!!! I will be meeting one brother who was not able to make it to the first reunion. My brother, Todd! I am SO excited!!! We have spoken on the phone but this will be our FIRST face-to-face encounter!

I spoke with Mama on the phone right after hanging up with my Uncle. She sounds WONDERFUL - completely coherent! We were talking away as we always do! That should come as NO surprise to y'all!!! ROFL!

I shall be giving her a call in the morning to see what the hospital plans on doing. They will be running some more tests and she is having some difficulty with her right arm and leg "cooperating" as she put it to me! We have A LOT of HUMOR in our family so I needn't tell you how much giggling we were doing as she admitted that God has FINALLY gotten her attention and made her understand that she simply CANNOT do everything she was able to when she was younger! My mom is a VERY independent person and it is not unusual for me to find her rearranging her bedroom furniture late at night! Heavy stuff mind you! YES, she is a NIGHT OWL! Isn't it amazing how much of us is genetic!!! Only THIS girl has learned to slow down a bit and put herself to bed before she turns into a pumpkin!!!

SWEET DREAMS all and I hope you enjoy Scrapatit #3!


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