>> Monday, October 29, 2007

Greetings y'all!!! WOO HOO, WOW-WEE and ALL that JAZZ!!! Yesterday was a MOST magnificent day! I was a BIG sap and ran my mascara on more than ONE occasion throughout Mama's "80th" Halloween Birthday Bash and Family Reunion!!!

Costumes were optional and would you believe that not a single person dressed up except for the "birthday girl"!!! Mama looked SO cute in her PURPLE and BLACK witch's hat! The favors that she had been working on, while still recovering from her stroke two weeks ago, were photos of her ALL dressed up in her witch's costume housed in silver and gold mini-frames. TOO sweet - Mama was even wearing black lipstick!!!

I've been pretty quiet today as the height of my emotions yesterday has left me reflecting today and EVER so thankful for being able to see my Mama LOOKING GOOD and walking around by herself (without the walker they sent her home with!), meeting my brother Todd for the VERY first time, seeing four of my siblings for only the SECOND time EVER (the first being ten years ago) along with LOTS of nieces and nephews and three grand-nephews with spouses and boyfriends!!! The BIGGEST tear-jerker for me was the fact that yesterday was the FIRST ... I'm choking up as I type - this is REALLY a biggie ... it was the VERY first time that my mother has seen ALL seven of her children together! WOW! I REALLY have to think about that and EXACTLY what that has to have meant to Mama! And, of course, what it meant to the SEVEN of US siblings!!! PHEW! It was a VERY surreal day for me and it is still sinking in!

Yes, LOTS of photos were taken, but NOT by me! I did get some GOOD ones, but I found myself TOO busy getting to know my brother Todd and his wife, Connie and mingling with my sisters, Candy, Kerry and Kathie and my brothers, Mike and Gene! I went around with a journal to have everyone record their names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates and e-mail addresses! I am bound and determined to stay in touch with everyone this time around and to put together a list to send out to everyone so that we are ALL up to date with each other!!! My sister Kerry took over for me and made sure that everyone possible recorded their information! Thank you Kerry!!!

The little guys returned home around 8-ish and tomorrow will return us to a fairly "normal" day and week here at home!

I promised I'd come up with a little something special for y'all Sunday and I started playing around with POINSETTIAS!!! I hope this is a little something that you will find useful. I will be adding on to it - not sure how many parts there will be total, but I shall add some items to journal on, more frames and perhaps an alpha or two. Surprise, surprise!!!

Have a SPECTACULAR week everyone. I've got a BUSY week ahead so make sure to check back to see what I've added for the "Color Me Christmas" kit and I'll try to get some photos up from Mama's birthday!



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