>> Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Join us in the 3Scrapateers CHATROOM

I am drowning in Photoshop as of late and have come up for some air and to visit with y'all!!! When I've had a LONG day, it is SO wonderful to "pop" in and see what everyone has been up to! I'd like to thank EVERYONE for your WONDERFUL comments and sharing a bit of yourself with me! Y'all RAWK!!!

I've just completed my VERY first "brag book", which was made with, of course, my "You Don't Know Jack" scrapkit which is on SALE for ONLY $4.50 through October 31st!!! LOL! I think I shall have to think (hmmm ... did I just say that? lol!) about renaming this kit because y'all DO KNOW JACK and quite well by now I'd say, wouldn't you? He, he ...

Pam, our resident CRAFTING QUEEN at 3Scrapateers is having her MONTHLY "Creative Crafty Crop" in the 3S chatroom at 9:00 pm EST, TONIGHT, and will be featuring my "You Don't Know Jack" scrapkit in her VERY specially prepared craft for the month of October!!!

I have created this DARLING Halloween brag book for y'all to receive FREE by attending Pam's crop and posting your project to the gallery by the deadline that Pam will give you in the CHATROOM!!!

Pam has an ENDLESS supply of crafting ideas and I am SO jazzed about her upcoming "12 Days of Christmas and Hanukkah" class, which begins October 15 and is ONLY $15 for a TOTAL of 12 CRAFTS, which will help to whittle down those Christmas shopping lists VERY quickly!!! WOW!!! That's just a few pennies over ONE DOLLAR per craft template that Pam will have for us!!! The class runs for a period of four weeks! You may find all the information HERE.

I wish to invite y'all to join Pam (I hope to drop in for a while as I am working on my FIRST Half-n-Half scrapkit which will be uploaded into the store tomorrow evening - WOO HOO!!!) TONIGHT for a FUN time and a REALLY "kewl" craft project. I am posting an image so that you can see EXACTLY what the project is and I WILL also post PREVIEWS of the BRAG BOOK, that you can earn for FREE by attending the crop and participating in the craft project, later on TODAY!!!

We look forward to seeing you in the CHATROOM tonight and as ALWAYS ...

Linda :)

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