>> Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Greeting everybody! Is it just me, or is anybody else dragging along this week? LOL! Well, I pretty much know why "I" am and after this weekend, I'm going to try to take it easy and recoup my mind!!! Yes, mostly mental fatigue, but nothing a little "let down" time can't take care of!

Mama is VERY touched with the outpouring of well-wishes from y'all and she says to tell you ALL, "thank you so very much". I would also like to, once again, give thanks to you as well. Y'all have helped me MORE than you will know to keep my wits about me and focus on what I've needed to do! I won't say that I've accomplished all that I set out to this week, but I did plug along and was able to keep fairly focused - THANK YOU!!! Y'all are just TOO sweet!

When Mama answered the phone at around 8:15 pm, she sounded tired to me. We did not talk too long as she began to yawn and I had to tease her about them giving her quite the workout and she was WHOOPED!!! Mama is quite the NIGHT OWL, so to hear her SO tired SO early was priceless! They are keeping her BUSY! LOL! She certainly cannot complain about being bored there!!! She's also still working on making favors for her party - bless her heart! She wouldn't tell me what they were, but then I told her I did not wish to know. Believe it or not, THIS GIRL loves surprises!!! NOPE, you'd NEVER catch me shaking gift boxes under the Christmas Tree!!! Now, that's not to say that I might not look at a box and try to guess what is in it!!!

Guess what??? Mama will be released Friday morning at 11:00 am PST! How's that for timing? Party starts at 1:00 pm PST on Saturday.

I hope you have ENJOYED the SCRAPTITS! I am going to make ONE more and at the beginning of November, I will add them as an 8x8 album to my store. By the way, tonight's SCRAPATIT was made to compliment SCRAPTIT #9!

If any of you scrap an album with my pages or even if it is just a few pages, I would LOVE to see them. You can e-mail me at: with a link to your favorite gallery or just send a preview sized jpeg. Pretty please! I would LOVE to post some of them here on my blog.

Next week, I am going to work on adding a slideshow for layouts created by the TALENTED ladies on my CT and I would also LOVE to add one for all of YOU talented ladies and gentlemen!

Have a TOTALLY awesome Thursday y'all and if you have the opportunity, I hope to see you in the 3S chatroom at 10:00 pm EST for my bi-weekly Digi-Scrap Addict's Meeting!!! I ALWAYS have a gift just for attending!

Ciao bellas,


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