>> Friday, June 20, 2008

Hi y'all!!!

It's FRIDAY!!! OW, OW!!! Not that it is much different than the week for me, but my ROBERTO is home for the weekend and I just LOVE his company! It's SOOOO cool now that he is computer literate and plays on his laptop before retiring for the night right here beside me. Yeah, I know, try visualizing that!!!

With three of my boys still at home, space is limited so, my computer armoire is in our bedroom and I can literally get up from my computer chair and take ONE mediocre step to our bed!!! Why am I telling you this??? RUM DUMMY HOUR has come and gone LONG ago for this girl!!!

Dawn, girlfriend, I had a rather frustrating Internet day yesterday as I made a good-sized post on your blog as well as Scrap Stew Sue's and neither one of them posted!!! GRRRRR! Anyhoo, I've been thinking about you ALL day and can't wait to see your family portrait and hear more about your AWESOME visit with your family!!! I shall catch up with you later today! Love you!

Ladies, will you do me a BIG favor??? Let's all go over and tell Dawn how MUCH we miss her!!! SNOWSMOON'S DESIGN - thank you!!! She will be TICKLED PINK!!! Pun INTENDED! He, he . . .

Thank you ALL for your WONDERFUL and MOST lovely comments!!! Awwww, I am SO deeply touched that y'all are SO concerned about my getting enough rest. I shall do so just as soon as I've "GOT 'ER DONE" and I'm getting closer!

So, without further ado, here is your FFF! *Jenealogy of a Man*, Scrapatit #7 created with my black denim!!! NO blues today!!! ROFL!

Barb, thank you for stopping by and I've sent you an e-mail in reply to your question of offering yesterday's scrapatit in PSD format. GREAT idea, I just need some input!!!

Kim, you are such a HOOT girl!!! You just know how to have WAY TOO MUCH FUN!!!

Rice, you are TOO sweet. I shall be just fine .... thank you for looking after me and I'm SO thrilled that you are enjoying the scrapatits! I'm THRILLED that y'all are!

Nancy - ENJOY your time away and I hope you are coming back with OODLES of photos!!! If you can't have a laptop along, I'm SURE hoping you WILL have your camera with you!!!

Sharon - I just LOVE hearing about your garden adventures and YES, dear Jace had BETTER be helping his mama out and hmmmm .... do you think that we can move the property line over just a WEE bit without anyone noticing??? ROTFLMO!!!!!!!!

Lisa ... and Nancy .... oh, you have my mouth watering at the moment!!! A nice juicy homemade hamburger with the works!!! Lucky ladies! Next trip down to the valley, I shall have Robert stop us at one!!!

Night all ... this girl is about to expire! And with a few hours of sleep, I shall be refreshed!!! POOF!


Linda :)

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