>> Monday, June 30, 2008

Greetings everyone and HAPPY CANADA DAY to my beloved Canadian friends and digi-sisters!!!

I shall be brief the wee hours of this morning - HAHAHAHA!!! I'm a bit sleepy and it's been a VERY long day, however, I'm GETTIN 'ER DONE!!!

I have several things to share and will break them up between a couple of posts. I hope I make sense enough for you to follow along easily!!! ROFL!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such an INCREDIBLE response to *SUMMER WEDDING*!!! I had NO idea it would be accepted to the extent it has been and y'all are just TOO sweet!!! I SO appreciate ALL of the well-wishes for Travis and Joan's wedding and for your WONDERFUL input to the future creations in *SUMMER WEDDING* and, of course, I LOVE hearing your about your own events!

Amberlee, CONGRATULATIONS on the upcoming marriage of your mom!!! That is SO exciting and I'm with you, I don't know what to do for a second time around either!!! Lacey gloves would be VERY pretty and here again, also GREAT for heritage scraps. I will need to make a list and start thinking as this is an AWESOME challenge for me never having designed anything weddingish before! First time for everything and I be LOVIN' it ... and y'all!!!

MANY of you have sons and daughters that have already married and ANN - WOO HOO!!! Three more weeks for you and WOW, have you made your daughter's wedding dress??? I cannot tell you how long I had hoped to be able to make one. It just was not meant to be!

How many of you have made your daughter's wedding dress or that of another female family member or friend? How many of you have been married in a wedding dress made for you? And, how many of you have married wearing a dress worn by your mother, grandmother or another family member?

I was actually married to my children's father wearing the same dress worn by all four of his sisters! I was quite honored. I think it was more trendy in the 70's to wear a wedding dress passed down than it is today. Wedding gowns had become pretty big business, wouldn't you agree? Now, that's not a bad thing, just another one of those BIG changes in times!

Okay, the rambler is rambling and getting sidetracked!!! Joan sent me a couple of images showing her color palette for her wedding today! I was pretty darn close and will probably stay with what I've started as they are like a mere shade off and can be easily recolored if need be!

I also found out that she is NOT wearing pearls. I had a hunch she wasn't but was struggling to get the look I wanted working with a couple of gems. I will play more until I get the look I wish to achieve. Joan will be wearing diamond drop earrings and possibly her tennis bracelet, however, nothing around her neck. I'm beginning to see more of the "bare" neck look these days, which is fine by me as I'm not big on jewelry anymore.

Come to think of it, I just scrapped a photo of our niece, Kimmi, who was married a year ago the 7th and she was not wearing anything around her neck but did have some pretty diamond studs in her ears. Oh listen to me, what do I know anyhoo. I was married over 30 years ago and when Robert and I say "I do", it will most likely be at the courthouse as I just cannot see spending money that can serve a better purpose, such as a vacation to the Caribbean next year or a cruise with Robert's dad, a new Canon camera for me and some other tech needs. LOL!

Well, since I've gone on this long, I will wait until tomorrow to tell you about a couple of projects I've completed and when they will be ready for market!!! He, he ... and what time is it??? If you don't know, I am NOT telling!!! ROTFLMBO!!!

ENJOY *SUMMER WEDDING*, Part Two and I shall see you later alligators!!! Have a GORGEOUS day and how do we scrap??? Why, HAPPY of course!!!

Linda :)


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proper working order, however I am not!!! Night all!!! XO

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