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YES, I do believe that ANY of you would wish to GIVE back to ALL of those that have given to you OVER and OVER again - EVERY day!!! AND so, I shall do exactly that as I celebrate birthday number "54"!!! Yup, just a BABY!!! Okay, so it only in my head. So I think, so it shall be!!!

I was also born in the year of 1954, so there has to be some SPECIAL significance to that I suppose!!! Well, the 'ol mathematician here (yes, my best subject in school along with accounting, business machines and the like!) has added 1 + 9 + 5 + 4 and comes up with the number "19". Add 19 + the date today, 11 and you get "30"! Now, there just HAPPEN to be "30" days in the month of June, SOOOO, I am putting everything in my 3Scrapateers' store on sale through the end of the month for .... NO, not 54% off!!! I may be good at math but something tells me the shopping cart or Paypal or somebody somewhere may not like dealing with such an ODD number!!! Hey, I am ODD enough, eh??? ROFL (yeah, wouldn't you know that I'd be posting at RUM DUMMY hour as well - told ya I was ODD!!!) He, he ...

Okay, anyhoo, to avoid fractions of a cent, I am putting EVERYTHING, all "8" scrapkits (I think it's eight!) on sale for the VERY low price of ONLY $2.00!!! For those of you who do NOT have ANY or are missing any of my kits, they are like getting TWO kits for the price of ONE, so at ONLY $2.00 each, it's like getting one kit for $1.00!!! (does NOT included *Jeanealogy of a Man*) My BFF, Ms. Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Designs, who by the way is having a BIG BASH for me over on her blog all this week, tells me often that I need not create a MEGA KIT everytime I make one!!! Oh well, must be in my DNA, cuz as hard as I've tried, I just cannot seem to make a "smallish" sized scrapkit!!! And we wonder why I am SOOOOO slow!!! LOL!

BTW - I am not only celebrating my birthday this month, but I just realized that it was ONE year ago that I left my position as an Administrative Assistant at 3Scrapateers to become a BONA FIDE and full-time DIGITAL DESIGNER!!! WOO HOOO!!!! I'm still designin'!!! I have SOOOOO much to learn yet, but having a BLAST doing so!!!

And you wonder why I ONLY have "8" scrapkits in my store??? I told you, I am a SLOW designer; however, as MOST of you know, I have been struggling on and off with health issues that leave me fairly low in energy and unable to focus for long lengths of time SO ..... my birthday present to myself this year is to continue on my trek to overcoming my ob'stack'les (enunciated per "O' Brother, Where Art Thou") in life and jumping back on TOP of my game once again!!!

I wish to take this time to thank EACH and EVERY ONE of you who pays me a visit on a daily or NEAR daily basis and leaves me LOVIN' and for you to know how SPECIAL it is to get up everyday, take care of some domestic duties (very few obviously as my house is a disaster this past month!!!), grab a cuppa joe and sit down to check my e-mails and my blog and to read your WONDERFUL and INSPIRING comments and many times, WORDS OF WISDOM!!! Thank you for sharing yourselves with me - I treasure every one of you and am SO thankful for this little bitty thing we call the Internet - ROFL, it's HUGE and look at all that it does! I choose to focus on the POSITIVE things that the WORLD WIDE WEB does for us and the MOST positive is Y'ALL!!! MEMORY PRESERVATIONISTS UNITED!!! LOL! And that, WE DO and then some!

I have a regularly scheduled FREEBIE for y'all as I draw closer to my HALF-N-HALF chat which will be held in the 3Scrapateers chatroom (direct link to your right) at 10:00 pm, tomorrow night, June 12th. I have a little extra surprise for y'all and I will share that with you when I post later tonight. Along with a coordinating FREEBIE (could be two or three or ... ya never know!) to be given out at the chat, I have another surprise for ALL of those who purchase *Jeanealogy of a Man, Part One*, attend the chat and then post a layout in the June 12th Half-n-Half gallery by MIDNIGHT EST, Friday, June 13th!!! I'm NOT telling you any more than that for now. Hint - it will be custom made!

My FREEBIE today is a wee bit different. I told you, I am ODD! One day, I shall be EVEN!!! (That's ALMOST a scary thought!!!) LOL! Anyhoo, I was working on my background papers for *Jeanealogy of a Man, Part Two* (your FREE bonus for posting a layout) and my VERY dear friend, Sarah Laming, owner of Designs by Sassy (link also located on my sidebar under designers that I admire), whom I chat with nearly everyday, sent me several photos from her oldest son, Harrison's, fourth birthday celebration this past Saturday. One thing led to another and to YET another and before I knew it, I had Harrison's photo run through Virtual Photographer's "Diffuse" filter and nestled amongst my background papers. My final paper was created to coordinate with Harrison's dress shirt (that is how it ended up on my canvas) and tie (I had already created two ties!) that his mum had dressed him in for his party. He and his younger brother, Ollie, both looked dashing all dressed up and Harrison just seemed to fit right into the scheme of things and an idea was born. Well, not sure that it has NEVER been done before, but I have NEVER seen it with these two worn out eyeballs!!!

As you will see when you scroll down, I have created for you a "scrapatit" that looks just like this layout of Harrison who is advertising your BONUS papers. If I were to add all of the elements I am afraid we'd not see this PRECIOUS and SWEET little face through all the clutter!!! I did not wish to journal on the page as it just would not "fit" in my mind's eye, but if I did, this is what it would say: Being a kid is SERIOUS business! As you can see, dear Harrison looks like a little business man as I told his mum, Ms. Sarah, and he has such a SERIOUS little look upon his cherub face!!! Isn't he a DOLL? Oh, and I specifically asked Ms. Sarah's permission to post Master Harrison's photo and she cheerfully agreed!!! THANK YOU Sass!!!

I hope you ENJOY this little goody!!! I am including the pewter tie-tack separately so that you have the option of using it or not, or even placing it elsewhere! I am also including, already attached to the "scrapatit", a BLANK black leather label for you to write whatever name you wish to on it. You can even overlay one of the already made labels that you received in *Jeanealogy of a Man, Part One*!!!

Don't forget to visit my store, DIRECT LINK is to your right and I will make up a separate slideshow to display each kit sometime before the end of the week. I've been wishing to do this for some time anyhow. What better motivation to "get 'er done"!!! If you don't see them on sale, give me a short bit as I shall be changing prices right after this post!

Dawn, girlfriend, thank you SO very much for ALL of the SPOILINGS you've been bestowing upon me. You are an AMAZING friend as are ALL of those included in your SECRET SURPRISES!!! THANK YOU EVERYONE and to those that have already left me birthday wishes on a previous post, I feel SO loved!!! And y'all KNOW how much I LOVE YOU!!! Without you, I would have NO one to share my passion and/or creativity with. Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!!!

Much love and a BIG 'ol (I've been using that word a lot in this post, haven't I??? Hmmm ... subconscience thinking maybe??? LOL!) BEAR HUG,
Linda :) :) :)

The background papers in this "scrapatit" are ALL included
in your FREE bonus add-on for creating a layout and placing
it in the June 12th Half-n-Half gallery by MIDNIGHT EST,
Friday, June 13th!!! Master Harrison's photo is courtesy
of his mum, Sarah Laming of Designs by Sassy - thank you!


The time is 1:50 am PST - link has been tested and is in
proper working order!!! The BIRTHDAY GIRL had better
get herself some ZZZZZ's or she will be TOO tuckered to
PAR-TAY with y'all later on today!

Thank you for stopping by

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