>> Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Greetings all!

Man, oh man, where has the past week gone to? Seems like it was just LAST Monday!

Hope y'all had a GRAND weekend and ENJOYED the "Trash-to-Treasure" hunt over at Digi Shop Talk!!! I told y'all some time ago that my slogan for this year (thus far) is, "I'm a day late, a dollar short and THE LAST to know"!!! I SO did not read or hear a peep about this FABULOUS treasure hunt providing TONS of GORGEOUS goodies from WELL-KNOWN and BELOVED designers! WOO HOO, there was some SERIOUS booty to be had y'all! AARGH .... AYE MATEYS!!! Treasure map and all - WAY too KEWL!

So, where was I you are thinking? I'm not sure .... buried in Photoshop perhaps, tending to the family, catching up on e-mails and IM-ing with fellow designers!!! That is actually how I found out about the treasure hunt, but it was too late for me to find the time to participate. I finally went to visit my SWEET DIGI SCRAPS darlin', Liz, and saw her PRETTIES posted, so I snagged them, followed the enclosed clue and found a couple of others, but was SO tired I couldn't find the last two I was in search of, so I shut down all the Internet windows, opened Photoshop and SCRAPPED my little heart out until 3:00 am!!!

I've had this photo for about a year now and have just been waiting for the opportunity to scrap it. It is a photo of my firstborn and first daughter, April Dawn and her LOVELY boss, Carolyn. I had the pleasure of meeting Carolyn and her husband while visiting my girls over the holidays and it is just SO comforting knowing that my baby girl (now 30!) has others supporting and watching out for her as she is SO far away from home (nearly 700 miles)!!!

I am posting my layout below along with another little part for you to add to the *Spring Celebration Mini-Kit*.

Let me know what y'all are up to. I know there are some NEATO challenges going on out there right now, so let me know what you are doing, post a link so I can take a peek and leave you some lovin'!!! (NO, you do not have to have used any of my designs!!!)

I will post later tonight about my *WIN'TREE WEATHER* kit and this week's "Crop 'em and Swap 'em" at 3Scrapateers hosted by our LOVELY Ms. Karen Halgren. If y'all have NEVER been to one, you just gotta join us if you wish to get some "winter" scrapping done quickly. Oh, and some more freebies!!!

Until next we meet ... BON SCRAPATIT!!!


Layout created using, *Berry Ice* Mini from T2T by Sweet Digi Scraps.
Photo courtesy of April Walton.

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