>> Friday, January 25, 2008

ROFL!!! DUH! I did not realize until just logging into my blog that I posted my "100th" blog post last night, of course, making THIS one BLOG POSTING 101!!! LOL!!! And you probably thought I was going to give some pointers on blog posting!!! NOPE, NO WAY, NOT "I"!!! I'll leave that to the EXPERTS that I am working hard to glean from whenever I have the opportunity!

HAPPY FRIDAY Y'ALL!!! WOO HOO!!! How are y'all feeling this FINE, FREEZING FRIDAY afternoon, evening or night? I do realize that some of you are ALREADY enjoying the weekend! I still find it strange at times talking to someone who is a day ahead of me!!! I guess I now understand why I get my days confused at times!!! Okay .... okay .... it made for a GREAT excuse now didn't it? LOL!

Would you believe that it is just after 4:00 pm my time (PST) and I am just NOW sitting down to the computer for the first time today??? He, he ... yeah, well I wouldn't believe it either if it weren't for the FACT that it is INDEED the truth!!! I've been biting at the bit to get here ALL day so as to bring the following announcement, which MANY of you have already seen on Dude's blog.

I would like VERY much to introduce you to another FABULOUS designer, 3Scrapateers' colleague and VERY good friend of mine, MS. MONNA LAINSON!!! WOO HOO!!! Ms. Monna just DEBUTED her VERY first Half-n-Half scrapkit last night in her 3Scrapateers store and on her BRAND new blog, MONNA LAINSON DESIGNS!!! Monna's new kit, *CALL ME PINK AND BLACK* is BEAUTIFUL and just happens to be ONE of my VERY favorite color combinations. Monna has posted some VERY lovely goodies for us as seen in the image below. You may CLICK either the image or link directly below it to access Ms. Monna's WONDERFUL blog and to collect this set of LOVELIES that coordinate with THIS WEEK'S Half-n-Half scrapkit. See Monna's blog for ALL of the details and I hope to see y'all at Ms. Monna's chat next Tuesday evening, January 29th at 10:00 pm EST. Let's BUST down the chatroom doors and SURPRISE her with all of our support and, of course, a FUN time!!! LOL! Ya know, I've ALWAYS wondered what it would be like to CRASH a PARTY!!! He, he .... (she'll LOVE it, I just know she will!!!)

Well, I need to tend to business now, finish up a few things and I SHALL BE BACK later to post your FREEBIE for FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY!!!

BLOG ON my darlins' - OH, and if y'all happen to find something out there that just REALLY drops your jaws, PLEASE, PLEASE share with me where I might find it!!! I don't have much time to get out as often as I would like to and seem to be WAY behind on the FABULOUS offerings out and about, so don't by shy - post us a link or you can even e-mail it to me (will be posting my e-mail address on sidebar too!) and I will post it for ALL of us to enjoy!!! I'm going to be adding a section on my sidebar for sites that list freebies on a regular basis so if there is a GOOD one that you don't see on my list once I get it going, let me know about it K? THANK YOU!!!

REMEMBER: Y'all ROCK .... and THEN SOME!!!

Baci e abbracci,

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