>> Sunday, January 20, 2008

Have y'all had a FUN, a RELAXING or a PRODUCTIVE weekend??? What have you been up to?

This shall be another rather SHORT post as, no Tink dearest, I am neither sick nor hurt - I am PLUM-TUCKERED OUT!!! ROFL! My eyes are at half-mast as I type and I just had to stop by to make sure that y'all get the next installment of Carole's BEAUTIFUL cards! There will be TWO more tomorrow night, making a complete set of TEN!!! These LOVELIES are TRULY "all-occasion" and I know that I will find MANY uses for them including, but not limited to, Valentine's Day! THANK YOU again Ms. Carole!!! You ROCK sweetheart!

I actually did get quite a bit accomplished today! I spent time leaving LOVIN' in the 3S gallery and one of our moderators, Tammy Gary became a GRANDMA this morning and she has already posted several brag book pages of her NEW granddaughter, Charli Elizabeth!!! If you happen to peek in Tammy, CONGRATULATIONS once again!!! WOO HOO, she is BEAUTIFUL! If you'd like to stop by, take a PEEK and leave a note of congratulations to the FIRST-TIME grandma, you may find her gallery HERE!

I was able to finish copying and posting ALL 49 layouts created using *A LOVE FOR ALL SEASONS*!!! If you scroll down to the bottom of my blog, it is the VERY first slideshow and it is SO beautiful to watch. LOL!!! Nancy dearest, y'all are ALREADY famous!!! Of anything, it's the other way around! Y'all are making ME famous with your GORGEOUS and CREATIVE work!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I know that MANY of you are VERY limited on time and it DEARLY touches my heart that you worked diligently to get those layouts posted by the deadline. I finished sending all of the ADD-ON bonuses last night!!! WAY too cool!

Okay, this sleepy-head is off to bed! I hope you are enjoying the cards and I hope to have a little mini-kit posted for y'all tomorrow night or Tuesday. I had mentioned to you that I was going to rework my VERY first kit that I EVER made and post it as mini's - WELL, *chuckle, chuckle*, if I were to critique that kit today, I'd FIRE me!!! I could not believe it!!! However, the GOOD to come out of it is to see HOW much I have grown in the last nine months!!! I have selected a few of the papers and will make some new things to go with them. They are a monochromatic, sort of raspberry-based color. ROFL!!! I was SO proud of myself when an action I used didn't work correctly and I used the outline anyway and created a couple of papers that give the appearance of being embossed! *Chuckling again* - now I actually KNOW how to make a paper look embossed!!! You get the picture! It's been a FUN process and I am SO looking forward to learning SO much more this year and helping others to learn too!!!

Nighty, night y'all. May you have a FABULOUS day, an INCREDIBLE week and enough creativity to keep you HAPPILY scrapping!


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