>> Sunday, December 30, 2007

I hope y'all have had a MOST incredible holiday celebration and that you will be sending out the year of 2007 in style as you ring in the NEW year of 2008 tomorrow night!!!

We rolled in from our trip to Vancouver at around 3:30 am this morning and I am plum-tuckered out today as I ended up getting the "throat thing" that Joan had when we arrived and have two sick fur babies to tend to.

Chloe' and Max both have ear infections and Chloe' is dealing with something else as well. Mark and his fiance', Jessica, took them both to the vet on Friday. Our outdoor puppies are now indoors for a few weeks until they heal. We may just keep them indoors as Chloe' is getting older and they have both been indoor dogs in the past and are VERY well-behaved! They are just LOVING the toasty indoors as they sleep near the woodstove during these COLD temps! Awww .... too cute they are!

I will catch y'all up on our GRAND adventure (SOOOO much to share) tomorrow for I really need to get a GOOD night's sleep, but I wanted to post three more brag book pages for you that I had planned on posting while away. The main PC needed to be reprogrammed for the Internet and I got a bit TOO frustrated trying to use the touch pad on one of the laptops (I'm SO used to using a mouse!) on top of being kept VERY busy during our stay!!!

I shall work on the remainder of the pages over the next couple of days.

I was in such a rush before leaving for Vancouver that I forgot to mention that all FIVE of my kits in my 3S store are on sale for ONLY $2.00 until next weekend. You can find them HERE!

Nighty, night everyone ... see you tomorrow!!! I've missed y'all and hope you have some WONDERFUL Christmas stories to share with me!!!


P.S. The preview zipped up with #4 is that of #3 and vice-versa!!! No biggie, but figured I'd let you know I figured it out as I am uploading them tonight!!! I sure hope 2008 starts out SMOOTHLY!!! ROFL!

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