*Win'tree Weather* Daily Download #5 and *Holiday Sparkle* #10 FREEBIE!!! OH - AND A VERY SPECIAL INTRODUCTION!!!

>> Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Can you believe that we are ALMOST through the FIRST week of December? WOW! We'll be shouting out, "HAPPY NEW YEAR" before we you can say, "HO, HO, HO, HO"!!! I know, BITE my tongue! DONE!

I have a VERY SPECIAL introduction to make to y'all tonight. I will save your eyesight and guide you to the image below. All of the details are typed-out right beneath her!!! Did I say that?

You will find the link for DAY #4 of *Win'tree Weather* below it's image as well as the link for *Holiday Sparkle* #10 right below that!

Thank you SO, SO very much for ALL of your generous comments. I am SO tickled (pink maybe!!!) that y'all are LOVING the sparklies SO much! I hope to work with them myself sometime this weekend. I need to start thinking about making my Christmas cards!!!

I'll catch up with everyone, hopefully, by Sunday. We have another BUSY week with family this week culminating into a BIG surprise ... OOOPSIE ... I'd better stop there as this person just might happen to stumble across my blog while visiting!!! I LOVE surprises and would be SO upset with myself if I were ever to give one away!!!

Have any of you EVER spilled the beans??? If you feel SO inclined as to "tell" on yourselves, I'm sure that we would ALL love to hear your story!!! OKAY, "I" would LOVE to hear your story!!! LOL! There are TWO people in my household who, within a year of each other, have given up the surprise element to family birthday parties!!!

Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday y'all! SHOP UNTIL YA ..... STOP!!! He, he ....

Bon Scrapatit,

My BRAND new niece, Jayden Anise, born on Thanksgiving Day this year! Isn't she SWEET? Li'l angel!

I had WAY too much fun scrapping this layout today and I can't quite recollect the last time I had the pleasure of creating one!!! I miss my scrapping but I know that it will ALL come together in it's proper timing! Jayden's photo came from a mobile upload to Facebook, so you KNOW the quality is not that great. NO PROBLEMO - Virtual Photographer (DOWNLOAD FOR FREE HERE) to the RESCUE!!! I used the "Glamour" filter with a "subtle" setting, went back to Photoshop's filters and despeckled and then removed noise and I think it turned out pretty darn SWEET! It looks VERY soft ... just PERFECT for a PRECIOUS baby girl!

I encourage you to go and take a look at this SUPERBLY designed scrapkit, "BABY, BABY", created by one of our NEWEST designers and a VERY dear friend, Monna Lainson! Her inspiration for "BABY, BABY" came from a mutual friend/colleague at 3Scrapateers who has BOY/GIRL twins and has always had a difficult time trying to find scrapkits that she can use to scrap both of her babies. Monna has remedied the situation by bringing us a DARLING kit FULL of pinks and blues and even a few items that blend both colors together nicely with a touch of green and yellow. Well, y'all know me, I could go ON an ON about this, so HERE is the link for you to check it out yourselves! I will be sharing more layouts with you, hopefully this week and next, as I plan on making an album for my sister. I LOVE you sis and Jayden is just SO beautiful - just like her mama!!! Please send MORE photos!

(Once in the store, make sure to scroll down so that you can see the additional previews which show the BLUE portion as well)

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