>> Friday, December 14, 2007

Okay, okay .... I'm guessing that y'all are MISSING the HOLIDAY SPARKLE!!! ROFL! Guess what??? It's BACK! I just needed to take a short break and do a little something different last night! Hope y'all didn't mind TOO much!!! LOL! Oh, and before I forget again, I designed our Christmas card for this year and I've posted a copy down at the BOTTOM of my blog where my slideshow is. I am going to print them four to a page and they will fit perfectly into the invitation sized envelopes! I hope you like it - MERRY CHRISTMAS from our house to yours!

Our Decemeber F.U.N. chats were INCREDIBLY awesome earlier today and this evening at 3Scrapateers! A BIG "thank you" to all of you that joined in the FUN, FELLOWSHIP and were able to collect the "13" additional FREEBIES!!! Were we ROCKIN', or what??? WOO HOO!!! A GIGANTIC "thank you" to Ms. Kimmi Stewart who was our HOSTESS with the MOSTEST at BOTH chats!!! Just TWO weeks from today, I hope, Ms. Kimmi and I shall be meeting each other in the flesh!!! WOO HOO!!!

For those of you that are not familiar with the F.U.N. kits and crops at 3Scrapateers, we have one every other month in which you are able to download an ENTIRE "mega" kit for FREE and then are asked to attend one of two chats held during the day to receive the PASSWORD to be able to unzip the files. Along with the password, we ALWAYS have AMPLE freebies to pass out at the chat as well. Today, there were "13" BEAUTIFUL quickpages!!! A VERY special SHOUT-OUT to my fellow designers who participated in this MAGNIFICENT collaboration of WINTRY delights!!! Y'all ROCK ... and then SOME!

We are FINALLY going shopping tomorrow NIGHT! Yes, I even said, NIGHT! Why? Well ... we were going to go BRIGHT and EARLY in the morning, however, number one son has to work from 9-5 and he REALLY wants to go with us! So, Robert is rearranging our day to include "sleeping in" (LOL, that's a joke right there I tell ya .... we're ALWAYS up early no matter HOW hard we try to get some extra z's!), a walk and some puttering around before picking Matt up from work and heading on up the hill to good 'ol Sonora! WHOOPEE ... we will get our tree!!! Which means ... I get to decorate after all!!! I was almost resolved to the fact that we will be away for a week and what's the sense when we won't even be here for Christmas. Well ... turns out that we will have the little guys here to celebrate when we return and they need to see a Christmas tree in daddy's house!!! I'm fine with the "3" small trees I decorate each year AND all of the lighted pine garlands, but the young ones just NEED to see that REAL Christmas tree all lit up! I do remember it being SO magical for me when I was a little girl. SHEESH ... when I was a BIG girl too!!! LOL!

Is EVERYBODY ready for Christmas??? Are you baking? Still shopping? Anybody doing ALL of their shopping online this year??? Are you traveling? Do you have a BABY celebrating his or her FIRST Christmas? What are some of your family's Christmas traditions? Do you repeat the same traditions EVERY year? Or do you try something new EACH year? I'd LOVE to hear what y'all have done, do and/or wish to do for Christmas!

Below, you will find the link to collect Day #15 of *Win'tree Weather* and right below that, the link to download *Holiday Sparkle* #16. Wishing you all a MOST wonderful weekend. Be safe and scrap HAPPY!!!


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