>> Tuesday, December 18, 2007

HO, HO, HO, HO .... if this 'OL Santa isn't tuckered out already!!! This makes for two days this week that I've found myself unable to keep my eyes open in the evening hours and have been FORCED to close them and take a nap!!! I had taken a break away from the computer and was helping to finish up a puzzle that has been occupying space on our dining room table now for weeks! Of course, I was working on a big patch of white that was difficult enough on it's own, but the glare from the lighting above the table put quite a strain on my eyes. Before I knew it I was yawning uncontrollably, joined Robert on the sofa (we have two recliners), covered my legs with a throw and fell asleep within moments of pushing the MAGIC reclining button!!!

We are finally getting some MUCH needed rain! To the point of flood warnings in portions of the Bay Area and winter warnings in the Sierras! But here in Copperopolis, we are in what I refer to as a "pocket" where we, for the most part, remain safe from any threat of flooding, earthquakes, heavy snowfall, etc. That's NOT to say that ANY of those could NEVER happen, but they are not known to happen historically!!! I am hoping for a bit of snow this year. LOL! Now watch, it'll snow while we are away and where it most likely will be snowing already!!!

I was gifted with a BEAUTIFUL surprise late this afternoon from my son Luke's girlfriend. Tessa made me a GORGEOUS Christmas arrangement in her floral arranging class at school. I was so touched (still am)! This LOVELY arrangement is made up of red roses and white daisies (images below!) with a candle in the middle and adorned with a SWEET snowman ribbon!!! How'd she know that I LOVE snowmen??? She said that she only had two to choose from and this was the prettiest - how COOL is that!!! Notice the SILVER glitter??? LOL! How COOL is THAT!!! THANK YOU TESSA! You are such a SWEETHEART!

A portion of tonight's "freebie" is another request from Leea for a RED-GLITTERED candy cane!!! So, I thought while I was at it, I would make a few papers and embellishments in the TRADITIONAL red and green!

I hope you like and y'all have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!


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