>> Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Well, today was officially GFIC swap day in my house!!! Yeah, you know those DELIGHTFUL , sometimes, trigger-happy units that keep us safe in the bathroom when using our hair dryers and such. I am EVER thankful for them, however, they have become quite the thorn in my side this past year as this is the second time to change this particular unit, which JUST happens to be on the same line as my computer!!! Needless to say, I was offline for the majority of the day awaiting Robert's arrival to change it as it would keep tripping and guess what? YUP, down would go my computer too! I've been meaning to order a battery backup for the longest time and somehow always forget about it once everything is hunky-dory again!!!

We live in a rented home and I won't go into the details, but lets just say that the largest portion of the house was an add-on and things just kinda seem to be "Jerry-rigged" as Robert calls it! I know the couple who used to own this home and who did all of the remodeling. We live in the country on two acres ... need I say more? ROFL!!!

All things considered, I am still VERY thankful for the home we are in as it holds LOTS of memories and does have some VERY positive attributes!!!

There's NO place like home .... even when it throws you some minor inconveniences! Whoa, wait a minute ... MINOR!!! Hmmm ... I honestly have to say that being without my computer is more of a MAJOR inconvenience!!! Still, I am EVER thankful for ALL things and for EVERYTHING there is a purpose - even though I may not see it at the moment!

I have something AWESOME to share with y'all, but will have to wait to post it tomorrow as I've worked hard to play a bit of catch-up and my eyes are WAY too tired! You will LOVE it, so please stay-tuned!

Below, you will find the link to the 3scrapateers' site to collect Day 6 of *Win'tree Weather* and tonight's FREEBIE, *Holiday Sparkle #11*!!!

I SOOOOO appreciate you leaving me some lovin' y'all!!! Y'all make my day and I SO enjoy reading each comment! I am SO thrilled to hear that you've been busy making cards and goodies to decorate your home for Christmas!!! Now, I need to get myself busy before the only holiday decor my family sees is right here on my computer screen!!! Hmmm .... that would surely make for LESS to take down and put away now wouldn't it? NAH .... half the FUN of Christmas is looking at all of the trimmings on the table, the sofa and THE FLOOR as we all decorate!!! I LOVE Christmas!!! Okey dokey, the RAMBLER is now leaving her blogspot!!!

Night all and may your dreams be of gold,


(Finally, the lower-case alpha in both sticker and non-sticker form!)

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