>> Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hello darlins'!!!

Am I LATE? Or am I EARLY? Y'all be the judge!!! ROFL! No matter, I come bearing MORE *Holiday Sparkle* and I think this just MIGHT be my favorite thus far!!!

I'm short on words tonight as I have less than 24 hours to finish wrapping gifts, printing photos for a few of those gifts, laundry (endless, isn't it?), cleaning house (I DO NOT like having to come home to a mess we leave behind while in RUSH mode!!!) and packing our bags!!!

GOOD NEWS!!! I will have FIVE of my six children together for the FIRST time in over a decade! Son number one (Matt) called from work yesterday (this was SO cute) and greets me with, "HO, HO, HO ... I get to GO!" I chuckled and was SO excited to hear the GOOD news! Now the deal with that is he was filling in for son number two (Mark - the soon to be daddy). Both boys work at our local market and Mark is assistant manager in the meat department and Matt is a clerk. Matt has had previous training in the meat department and he was the ONLY replacement for Mark after his minor car accident. So, now that Mark is returning to work the day after Christmas, they were kind enough to give Matt Wednesday through Sunday off for our trip!!! WOO HOO!!! How MUCH better can it get??? Uhm ... well, son number two and his fiance' getting to come too??? LOL! Hey, I'm counting my blessings and will have NO complaints!!! Also, Mark and Jessica are taking care of the house and the furbabies for us!!! Luke and John are both without jobs at the moment (they were both working with a general contractor and the gig is up - or should that be, house!) and that leaves them both free to "roam about the country"!!!

Oh, and Mark (son #2) had to come and show-off his NEW used car purchase yesterday and then drove down from his place to deliver Luke his NEW used car this afternoon!!! YAY!!! Things are moving along quite nicely for a change! GOOD things come to those who wait ... and wait ... and wait ... did I say, "wait"??? WOO HOO! I'm sure ALL of us Moms agree, it doeth our hearts good when our babies are moving right along in a positive direction!

Now all Luke needs is his driver's license, car insurance and he is good-to-go as Robert already has a job lined up for him where he works!!! John is next I hope!!! Luke and John are both now 18 and we live in a "pocket" in a small community where it is difficult to get around (no bus line) and jobs are fairly scarce. We are, however, growing rapidly and the next five years should prove to be rather interesting. I'll let you know when we get our first fast-food restaurant as that is usually a good indication that your township now qualifies to be recognized!!! Believe me, Robert and I neither one are in any hurry to see any of it happen!

And NO, I am not able to find shoes here where I live as there are NO stores that sell them! Oh, wait a minute, I almost forgot - does the golf course count where they sell golf shoes? LOL! My favorite place to shop for just about whatever we need is, of course, Wal-Mart and that is about a 30 minute drive east of us. Sonora has a Mervyn's, Staples, Gottchalk's, TJ Max, Ross, Sears (very small one) and Fashion Bug which are among some of the more well-known chains here in Northern California.

We did a bit of shopping at Wal-Mart today after dropping Matt of at work and were really surprised, once again, not to find a maddening crowd! It was actually quite pleasant and the squeals of delight from small children made my whole day!!!

Hmmm ... seems I said I'd be of few words tonight??? Do you think that humanly possible? He, he ...

I hope you like this installment of *Holiday Sparkle 2* and I will be posting something for you tomorrow before we leave!

I hope EVERYONE is able to kick back and relax a bit and to TRULY enjoy wherever you are and whomever you are with!

Love to all,

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