>> Thursday, December 6, 2007

Y'all are a bunch of DIE HARDS in the GLITTER department, but HEY, I'm not complaining!!! I'm having just AS much FUN as y'all, if not MORE! ROFL! He, he ...

I'm making this short tonight (whoever believes that, raise your hand ... ha, ha, ha!). I am not feeling so great and had to leave my Digi-Scrap Addict's meeting a bit early tonight due to a Fibro flare-up after spending many hours cleaning house in preparation for some VERY special guests. Guess what? They had a change of plans!!! I don't blame them for the change, but I received the news at the last minute as I was scurrying around to finish up!

I always leave the floor for last as I get down on my hands and knees to scrub it by hand! Yes, yes, I guess I am a gluten for punishment, but this linoleum is SO old that a mop just does NOT do the job to satisfaction, KWIM? Again, living in the country, on DIRT (not a piece of concrete to be found except inside of the garage!) and having a house full of BIG boys, our floor does not stay clean for very long!!!

Whenever I start to complain about the dirt the boys bring in, I, once again, remind myself of the sweet little poem about letting the cob webs alone and spending time with my babies as they will soon enough be leaving the nest. At which time, I am sure that I, the sap that I am, will MISS their DIRT!!! (who ever believes THAT, please raise your hand!!!)

Anyhoo, our company will be arriving sometime tomorrow so I left the floor to do in the morning so that it will actually look clean! There is ALWAYS a method to the madness y'all!!!

Okay, I have much to cover tonight and SO little time. If I make any boo-boo's, please forgive me as my head is hurting right above my eyes. I'll be fine. It is a RARE thing for MWAH to get a headache so I'm not too concerned about it. I just finished up a two-day cleanse to detox my body and it will leave you feeling like you have the flu somtimes. I needed to detox badly and the product I use is obviously doing it's job! WOO HOO! This is actually the start of a 9-day cleansing and replenishing program as I am trying to overcome the horrific effects of a strong dosage of antibiotics I had to take before receiving dental treatment. Well, I know most of you are aware of the fact that antibiotics not only kill the "bad" bugs, but they also destroy your healthy intestinal flora. This has been a battle of mine for many years now and I am getting used to what I can and cannot eat, etc. Needless to say, seeing as how my body did NOT have an infection to be attacked with by the antibiotic, that tells us one thing, right? It did nothing but destroy what little healthy intestinal flora I had going for me at the time. I was just about on top of things to boot. So, I've told my dentist that I'm not going back in for further treatment until I am released by my doctor from having to be pre-medicated!

REAL short tonight, aren't I? Gosh y'all, better gag me after this one, eh? LOL!

Thank you to those that have e-mailed me or posted in your comment a link or file to your FABULOUS creations using the FREEBIES you have picked up from my blog. I will be tied up for a few days with company and a BIG family get-together, so I shall get back with you, hopefully, by Sunday. Next week, God willing, should not have me doing anything but concentrating on my designing, creating layouts and, of course, supplying y'all with MORE goodies and adding a few things to my blog ... such as an e-mail address where y'all can send me your PRETTIES!!!

Last and surely not the least, last night I had wanted to share something with you and YES, Ms. Elise, I am expecting ... y'all to come and join us in the 3Scrapateers chatroom on THIS coming Sunday, December 9th at 8:00 pm EST for our TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS CHALLENGES!!! You will have a chance to win a FABULOUS 3Scrapateers' CD collection, so come find out ALL about the CHALLENGES and how you might win!!!

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