>> Monday, November 26, 2007

LIFE is SO funny ... well ... er ... uhm .... MOST of the time!!! I was on a ROLL today with my goodies for the December Download-A-Day at 3Scrapateers until .... well, y'all know how it goes some days - ONE interruption after another!!! I had the opportunity to speak with the oldest of my twin's girlfriend for about an hour a few hours ago! She is a VERY nice young lady and one thing just led to the next!!! It CONTINUALLY amazes me at how much more "in tune" this generation is with themselves and, in general, the world around them than I ever was. But, then, that is just MWAH's observation as I was VERY sheltered and naive until my mid-forties!!! (Yes, less than a decade ago and BOY have I learned A LOT!)

I'm sure most of you can agree (if you are close to my age) that we did not "talk" about things and we DEFINITELY did NOT have 1- 800 numbers to call if we were in peril! I am SO thankful for our "information age"!!! HEY, without it, we all wouldn't be here supporting each other, learning INCREDIBLE ways to preserve family history OR collecting "freebies", RIGHT? LOL! Anyhoo, it was such a blessing to have this PRECIOUS young lady talking SO freely to me and we were sharing EQUALLY in the conversation!

I had really wanted to pursue a degree (PhD) in Psychology a few years ago, but soon came to the realization that I've been through SO much in my lifetime and I've been given an opportunity for the first time to do some things that I am REALLY passionate about. Gee ... bet you can't guess what a few of them might be!!! He, he ... I TRULY love people and have learned to be a GOOD listener (yes, quite a talker too!), but I'd rather remain a "layman" (or is that, "lay-woman"???) and do what comes natural rather than it be a "job", KWIM?

Okay, tonight I have bundled up the HOLIDAY SPARKLE alpha (upper-case and numbers) WITHOUT the transparent sticker for those who just aren't into the sticker scene! To be honest, I had a difficult time with them in the beginning, but they have finally found their way into my heart and into my designs!!! After all, I used to use A LOT of stickers when homeschooling my six babes!!! Ahhh YES, fond memories!!!

Well, well ... needless to say, it is WAY past my bedtime and my DARLING Robert lays but a few feet away soundly sleeping. I am TRULY blessed and EVER thankful for having, at this time in my life, a partner who LOVES me for ME and supports my passions. Okay, I'd better leave you before the floodgates open up!!! I'm chuckling through the tears as I am enjoying my cup of life, OVERFLOWING!!!


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