>> Sunday, November 11, 2007

HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY!!! My HEARTFELT thanks to ALL who have served, are currently serving and will soon be serving in a branch of our military. I did not have an opportunity to create a special tribute layout as I normally do each year, but if you look at the very bottom of my blog, you will find a few layouts in my slideshow of our Joshua while he was in Fallujah, Iraq as well as a WONDERFUL young man we met at Travis' wedding in June who was just getting ready for his first deployment to Iraq.

I'm ALMOST caught up y'all!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!!! Boy, does it feel GOOD! I have ONE more fairly good-sized project to tend to and then I should be cruising right along!

How was YOUR weekend??? Rain, snow, humidity, wind? I'd LOVE to hear what's happening in YOUR part of the world!

It rained ALL night last night. We needed it badly as California has been quite dry for a VERY long time and y'all know we just finished battling some BIG fires down south. We are allowed to burn on our property when it is a "burn day", however, since the fires in Southern California, we have been banned since October 22nd. Not sure when the ban will be lifted, but I'd rather know that we are all safe.

We have had a fire burning in our wood stove the past two days as the temps have been rather cold with a bit of a wind chill factor figured in! I'm SO ready for winter as I just LOVE cool weather and the ability to "warm up" as opposed to trying to "cool down" during the summer!!! Okay, my age is showing now for sure!!! ROFL!

Below, you will find a PREVIEW of the BONUS ADD-ON I promised to post for y'all! I've put all of the info below each image with links included.

HAPPY MONDAY!!! (It's a wee bit past midnight here in PST!) Have a FUN-FILLED week y'all and remember, if you scrap, scrap HAPPY!!!


Here is a PREVIEW of the BONUS ADD-ON that can be yours for FREE when you purchase the Scrap-A-Deal scrapkit below for ONLY $2.00 HERE and post a layout to the gallery by Midnight, Thursday, November 15th. Oh and don't forget to attend the Scrap-A-Deal Chat on Wednesday, November 14th at 10:00 pm EST for some FUN and another AWESOME coordination FREEBIE!!! Santa tells me that you just might be able to use this freebie to post a letter to him! I look forward to seeing you there!

*Be"Clause" It's Christmas* Scrap-A-Deal Scrapkit available NOW through Midnight EST, Wednesday, November 14th for ONLY $2.00. CLICK HERE to find out how you can receive the BONUS ADD-ON for FREE!

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