>> Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WOW!!! Y'all have knocked me off my seat over here in COPPER!!! Your LOVE for SILVER and GOLD has overwhelmed this COPPER girl!!! ROFL! Okay, okay ... I LOVE silver and gold as well!!! Thank you SO much for all of your LOVELY comments!!! And here I thought I was the ONLY one who LOVES "glitz"!!! He, he ...

I noticed that one of you has requested a GLITTERED poinsettia in RED and I was already preparing to upload a couple!!! Was I on track, or what? While these are not quite the same as the silver and gold, they are special to me as they are the FIRST ones that I made while creating, "COLOR ME CHRISTMAS", which I've not added to this week. This will be THIS week's addition since I know that MANY of us are busy preparing for the holidays!

I was rather skeptical about placing the "countdown to Christmas" on my blog, but I am SO glad that I have!!! Each day I log on, it helps me to remember just how little time I have left to get it in gear!!! ROFL! Is there a method to this madness? Oh, I'm quite sure there are several, but I don't think I'll be even close to finding one until next year .... maybe!

I hope that you enjoy these and if you are liking the style of the first two better, not to worry, I shall make a few more just like the others. I'm thinking that rather than adding the gem, I will just leave them with a "glittered" center and that way you can add whatever embellishment you wish to or, not! What do y'all think??? Also, if there are any other colors you'd like to have for your collection, I 'd be more than happy to make some. Hmmm .... just had a thought .... I think what I shall do is offer each poinsettia with and without a center!!! Simplified!

GOOD NEWS!!! And I almost forgot to tell you! Robert and I will be spending Thanksgiving with his siblings after all! Not only did he stay longer at the birthday party, but he was quickly talked into attending the SPECIAL family gathering!!! WOO HOO!!!

Thank you for your well-wishes in Robert and I enjoying a "quiet" holiday together this year. I was actually at peace with the prospect! The boys just left for Oregon a few hours ago and it is SO quiet in the house, you can actually hear my computer!!! ROFL!

Robert works tomorrow and we will be driving to his brother's home to spend time with him, his wife and their father (this is the same home we attended the birthday party at), spend the night there and then all leave for another brother's home for Thanksgiving dinner. I really cannot express to you just HOW much I LOVE gathering with Robert's family (LOL!!! - okay, they are now MY family too). Their mama filled them all with a TREMENDOUS amount of "aloha" when raising them. I just ALWAYS have such a GOOD time!

Gosh, I do babble on so don't I? LOL! Thanks again for stopping by and leaving some love! To those of you traveling, I wish you SAFE travels. I shall try to make an early post tomorrow before we leave as we will not return home until Thursday night.

Buonnanotte e sogni d' oro,

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