>> Thursday, November 29, 2007

You know, it seems that my average time to post is right around MIDNIGHT!!! The BEWITCHING hour y'all - the time when one SHOULD be in bed and already dreaming!!! ROFL! Hence, my GOOFINESS! Okay... okay... so I guess I tend to be that way naturally, however, I have always had this thing about becoming especially "giddy" after the stroke of midnight!!! Whatcha think? Could there actually be some TRUTH to this, or is it ALL in my head? A tired, but inquiring mind would like to know!!! He, he ...

If y'all knew my BETTER half, you'd simply say, "you've been hanging around Robert too long"!!! Well, that is what "I" tell everyone!!! He and I have this thing for "playing" with words and I must say that it comes naturally to the both of us. We not only finish each other's sentences, we also completely speak the other's thoughts! I think this is part of the reason why we "clicked" nearly seven years ago! Now, I am NOT saying that everything is ALWAYS "hunky-dory", but for the MOST part, we communicate EXTREMELY well, which in my book, is VERY important!!! After all, "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus", right??? LOL!

My mama sent that book to me years ago while she was still living in Hawai'i (funny as most of you know, Robert is half-Hawaiian) and I read it from cover-to-cover at a much needed time. I had to laugh heartily when I read about how men retreat to their "caves". BOY, do they EVER!!! I used to have to go down to the "cave" after about three days of seclusion to make sure he was still alive!!! When we met, Robert was still recovering from the loss of a 22-year marriage that literally shook his world and pulled the carpet right out from underneath him. It is SO amazing how we are put into people's lives and they are put into ours for such a specific purpose and sometimes for only a brief time, while others, for a lifetime. I, too, had come out of a 22-year marriage, however, I had already had seven years to spend time getting to know "me" and I had actually grieved the loss of my marriage before my divorce was final. I also had six WONDERFUL children to look after - they were a TREMENDOUS help to my remaining strong and not faltering (not horrifically anyhoo!).

OMGosh ... this is crazy! Isn't it WILD how sometimes one little thing can spark something BIG? I had intended to drop the goods and run .... right to my bed and jump in!!! ROFL!

Tonight, I am leaving y'all with a couple of GLITTER-EDGED tags, strings and some goodies for y'all to decorate! Over the next few days, I shall add some more tags and items to decorate them with. Please feel free to give me some suggestions as to what you might like to see. If I am able to oblige, I shall be MORE than happy to do so!

Night, night ... sweet dreams and what is tomorrow??? FANTABULOUS FREEBIE FRIDAY!!! Have a GREAT day y'all!


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