>> Friday, April 10, 2009

Hi everyone!!!

I shall not ramble your ears off as I know y'all are preparing for the holiday or you have already started whether you are observing Passover, Good Friday and/or Easter! I am leaving you with my little add-on to my contribution to the *Spring Blossoms* Mega Blog Train!!!

I will you ALL a VERY safe and blessed celebratory weekend! I may be in and out, as we wish be away MOST of the weekend and are, of course, off to celebrate Kaleb's FIRST birthday tomorrow afternoon!!! He, he ... I am SO excited and on my way to charge my camera batteries!!!

See you soon and remember to ALWAYS "scrap happy"!!! ROFL, how can you NOT!

Much love,
Linda :)

P.S. SNOWBUNNY - you asked about *Saturday in the Park*, Scrapatit #5. I will be adding the ENTIRE kit plus "scrapatits" to my store VERY soon for a BARGAIN price! Stay-tuned!


UPDATE: I've received a few comments that Media Fire is not allowing you to download. The reason for this is simply numerous people attempting to download at the same time, so please give it a few minutes or try coming back another time to download. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is very common and I run into myself as well on other sites. Thank you SO much for you LOVELY comments - I am HAPPY that you like it! I shall be a way MOST of this weekend so I am placing this message here in the event any of you encounter the same difficulty. Happy Easter everyone! XOXO

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