>> Friday, April 10, 2009

Oh my, the first episode of *Harper's Island* was QUITE interesting! Are you ready for this? I actually took notes! YUP, just like Columbo!!! My mind is SO filled with SO many things that I've been struggling with remembering the simplest of things lately so, I am taking notes so I can get acquainted with who is who! My only comment from tonight's viewing is, "Man, NO more Harry Hamlin"! LOL! He ended up only being HALF the man at the end of the first episode as he was at the beginning! *sigh*

Okay, I am in need of help so that I can complete my add-on for *Spring Blossoms* and get it delivered to y'all ASAP!

I am seeing JAGGIES on ALL of my circles! I've had this happen before and it would usually remedy itself, however, this time is not as forgiving. I had my BFF check out my dotted paper and she saw the JAGGIES as well, so something is up over here in my Photoshop! He, he ...

Does anyone have ANY ideas they can toss my way as to why this might be happening and how I might find my way back to SMOOTH edges??? I have cleared my actions palette, closed PS and completely rebooted my system and I am STILL getting those dratted JAGGIES! What's up with that? Anyone know?

I am headed to bed and hoping that a good night's sleep shall find me REFRESHED in the morning and able to take this on again until I get it figured out! Meanwhile, any shares from y'all are MOST welcome and I am FOREVER grateful for any light that can be shed on my dilemma!

SNEAK-PEEK! Now, look closely. Can you see the JAGGIES on the outer edges of my dots on my dotted paper? I made these templates nearly two years ago and have used them over and over and over again with no trouble. I could even see jaggies all the way around the scalloped shape. I just cannot seem to pinpoint my difficulty this time-around. ANY suggestions??? I am ALL ears! Well, in this case, ALL EYES! Thank you in advance and hope to get this to you before noonish! MWAH!

Linda :)

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