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MAN y'all!!! (remember the meaning of this acronym???)

WHOA!!! Looks like y'all are BUSY, BUSY, BUSY collecting *Spring Blossoms* from over 90 designers!!! You GO girls!!! THIS girl waits for a few weeks until things slow down just a WEE bit, otherwise, I'd have NO time to be designing! Remember, those links will be up throughout the month of April and MANY of us leave them up until the next train leaves, which will be June 1st! You will ALWAYS find mine on my sidebar, as well as the link to the Blog Train Blog where ALL participating designer's blog links are posted.

I am going to be rather short this evening (I think y'all know that is IMPOSSIBLE by now, eh?) so I can join my SWEET man and watch a movie together! We are going to have ONE busy month and I am REALLY, REALLY trying to slow myself down a bit so that I am good-to-go when we need to.

BUSY??? Who me? NAH!

This weekend, I am doing taxes for Robert and three of my sons, next weekend, my grandson, Kaleb is celebrating his FIRST birthday on Saturday followed by a HUMONGOUS family get-together on Easter Sunday at a LOVELY park. The following weekend, our niece, Halia, is celebrating her SECOND birthday on Saturday the 18th. She and Kaleb actually share the same birthday, April 7th and, of course, everyone strives for a Saturday so that MOST are able to attend! We are elated that they are on different Saturdays so that we can attend both! MAJOR PHOTO OPS!!! YIPEEEE!!!

I am REALLY excited about the 21st - 23rd as Robert and I are going to stay in Sacramento while he receives some audit training for his job and we will also be visiting with his brother, Liko and his wife, Cathy who will also be at the BIG Easter picnic. THIS country girl has not been to the BIG city for a long time and I am looking forward to a NICE adventure away form the homefront as I will be in the company of some MIGHTY awesome people!

Two things that I would like to share before Part Three of *Sunrise, Sunset*:

My BFF, Dawn aka Snowsmoon's Design and VERY dear friend, Monna Lainson have recently uploaded their VERY first collaboration together into their stores at One Single Seed and it is on sale this week for ONLY $2.00!!! It is GORGEOUS and SO appropriately named, *Burst of Spring*. This kit is FABULOUS for Easter, spring, Mother's Day, sisters, heritage and GIRLFRIENDS to name a few! CHECK IT OUT before it goes off sale! Click either image to be transported to either Dawn or Monna's store at OSS to purchase THIS week for ONLY $2.00!!! You can see the previews magnified and there is also a button that reads, "see projects with this kit" for you to view layouts created with *Burst of Spring*! How COOL is that!

My VIRTUAL daughter, Sassy aka Designs by Sassy is getting married a week from this Saturday and she is giving ALL of us in SCRAPLAND a WEDDING GIFT!!! HUH? Isn't that supposed to be the other way around? Not according to Sass. Click the image below to check out ALL that Sass has to offer as she is giving y'all an opportunity to buy her ENTIRE store (e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g) for ONLY $15!!! Did I say that correctly??? Uh, huh, I did - ONLY $15! So, what are we waiting for, let's shop!!! Click the image below to be transported to Designs by Sassy and the instructions for how to purchase her ENTIRE store for ONLY $15!!! That is INSANE, or is it? He, he ... I already own ALL of her CU goodies so I can tell you personally, that this is a STEAL-OF-A-DEAL!!! What a GENEROUS "virtual" daughter I have, eh? If you purchase, you can even leave her wedding wishes when you check out! OH, she will be SO thrilled!

Here is a preview of ALL three parts of *Sunrise, Sunset* plus a sampling of the TWO alphas I will be giving out tomorrow and Saturday followed by the preview for Part Three, followed by the link for your downloading pleasure!

Y'all make me feel SO good when I read your ENCOURAGING comments and even when you tell me to take it easy! Is that looking out for a girlfriend, OR what? Thank you all SO much for the LOVE! Right back atcha! MWAH!

See you tomorrow with the *Petite Floral Cardboard Alpha*!

Until then, keep on SCRAPPIN'!

Much love,
Linda :)

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