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I don't really mention FFF anymore since I upload freebies on days OTHER than Fridays, however, EVERYDAY is FABULOUS and today just happens to be Friday!!! WOO HOO!!!

What do YOU ALL have planned this weekend? As y'all know, it's a VERY busy month for us here at my house and tomorrow we are off to celebrate our grand-niece, Halia's FIRST birthday right here in Copper! PHEW! YUP! No long drive this time, which is a GOOD thing as we will have a two-hour drive ahead of us come Monday when we leave for Robert's 3 days of training in Sacramento! LOL! I am actually still recuperating from last weekend when our arrival times back home were 10:00 pm each night!

Our weather has been VERY pleasant with a bit of a warming trend this weekend and just a WEE bit warmer than THIS girl is comfortable with! It will be the 80's through next Tuesday, I believe, and then it will be on the decline again - YAY! I am SO a 70's girl in more ways than one! He, he ...

I have a simple little "scrapatit" for you this evening. Sometimes I like to use lots of layering in my "scrapatits" and then other times, I like SIMPLE! Today's is SIMPLE and I just might use it for Kaleb's FIRST birthday cover page! Although I ADORE artistic and multi-layered layouts, I have come to the conclusion that I will NEVER get my six children's and now grandchildren's lives in storybook form if I don't keep things simplified!!! My new game plan is to make a few pages over-the-top with LOTS of EYECANDY, while the majority of the pages will be presented with clean lines and a limited amount of embellishments.

PHEW! Just typing this out to y'all is allowing me to relax a bit and see the light at the END of my SCRAPPING tunnel! ROFL!

I will be working on my contribution to Kim B's *April Colour Challenge* this weekend and hope to have it finished and ready to share with y'all while I am away next week. For those of you that might not have been to the DSO forum and/or participated in Kim's color challenge, check it out here for details and to view this month's color palette: Kim B's April Colour Challenge

If you've not had an opportunity to make it over to One Single Seed for the monthly YARD SALE, today is the last day to MIX 'N MATCH papers, embellishments, mini-kits, word art and more for just $1 each!!! Check it out here: OSS Yard Sale

Wishing you ALL a GORGEOUS, relaxing and FUN weekend no matter how you are spending it!

Much love,
Linda :)

A few photos from Kaleb's first birthday party last weekend! I wanted one with both
his mommy and his daddy. The one in the middle is of Kaleb wearing his great-auntie
Kelly's birthday hat as they were both celebrating their birthdays on the same day!

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