has anyone out-and-about Scrapland ever been a world "traver"? oopsie ...

>> Sunday, November 14, 2010

This is one of those times when I believe having a CT is downright necessary! Someone to catch your boo-boos!  Yup, I boobed!  My little beady, detail-oriented brown eyes missed a typo! 

In creating a layout last night from parts two and three of *The Orient*, I found my own boo-boo! Ouch! *blush* I cannot tell you how many times I "traveled" around-and-around this word art to make sure all portions were spelled correctly and I still missed my typo! ROFL!

If you have downloaded, *The Orient*, Part Three, you will find that the files, LLW_TheOrient_WordArt-2_Original and LLW_TheOrient_WordArt-2_RubOn both have a typo on the left-hand portion of the circle, near the top. Actually, the letter "l" is missing which would make you a world "traveler" as opposed to a world "traver", which I am positive no one has ever heard of before! LOL!

I am attaching a replacement file to this post and I have also re-uploaded the entire zip file for part three for those who may come along to download in the future.

Sorry for the inconvenience y'all and I hope that you are having a most enjoyable weekend and/or beginning of the week for some of you already!

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