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>> Monday, November 15, 2010

Warning:  Long post.  Grab snack.  Grab drink.  Take notes!  *grin*

Happy Monday y'all!

How was your weekend?  Did you work?  Play hard?  Relax?  Scrap?  I think I accomplished a bit of each of those, with relaxing and scrapping tipping the scales a bit! He, he ...

I normally try to scrap a layout with my designs before posting them, but it all took a twist this time around and I decided to scrap Saturday night, after the fact!

I have titled my layout, *Onegai*, which means "please" in Japanese.  ROFL!  Robert was sitting at his computer directly behind me when I played the audio clip that gave the pronunciation.  He chuckled and asked, "how many do you own?"  I replied, "huh?"  You have to know us and the way our minds track and the way we play on words, but I have to admit, it took me a moment to switch gears and get the joke!  Listening to the recording, it sounds like the female voice is saying, "own a guy" with a Japanese accent!   LOL!  So, of course my quick-witted Aries just had to ask how many I owned!  HA, HA!  You so funny hunny!

I will post the journaling beneath my layout so that it is legible!  ARGH!  While I've never been to the Orient, I do have some fond memories from grade school which are preserved in the page below:

I have been fascinated with the country, the people, and the traditions of Japan since the third grade! Sitting in a semicircle with my classmates, our teacher would transport us, via a radio broadcast every Thursday morning, to countries around the world. When in the fourth grade, we learned a classic children's Japanese song, "Shojoji", which I am still able to sing word for word today! The same year, in Girl Scouts, I learned to say hello, please and thank you, along with a small sampling of Japanese culture. These are moments of my life that I shall always treasure as I am a lover of diversity. While I've not had the pleasure of visiting this colorful and technically advanced country, it is on my long list of places that I would love to spend some time visiting and getting to know on a more personal level. Onegai!  Template is by Kim B's Designs, a freebie on her blog!

Yes, I have turned my layout into a scrapatit for you, but first I've just got to share a few goodies I've found while out-and-about in Scrapland!  I've been missing my *Monday in the Marketplace* and hope you enjoy it as much I do!

Sahlin Studio is on my blog roll.  Why?  The same reason anyone else has found their way there, I admire their work!  Krista has been around for some time and I lost track of her for a short while and just recently found her again.  She was just making a move from Scrap Matters to her new home at The Lily Pad!  

On her blog, Krista has revealed her new kit, which has more than put me in the holiday spirit already!  If you scroll down Krista's blog, you will find some of the most incredible printable gift projects using, *Season of Giving*.  Be prepared to feast your eyes on some amazing handiwork! *smile*

Below is a preview of, *Season of Giving*.  Click on the image to be transported to Krista's blog so that you can oogle what has been created with this collection of delectable delights.  You will also find the link to purchase if you have been as tempted as I have!  Mmmmm ... mmmm!  It has a nice Vintage flavor to it, with a dash of modern times.  A very versatile kit indeed!

My next find has already been purchased, downloaded, unzipped and filed away in a brand new file under the name of Sarah Cabana (Diamond Ink Designs)!  Many of you know Sarah as,  
"I Am Simply Sarah", who has graced Scrapland for several years now performing her scrap magic in more places than I can count ... on two hands!  LOL!  This girl can scrap me under the table and around the block a time or two, I tell ya!

So, it gives me great honor to introduce to you (for those of you who might not have already had the pleasure) one of Scrapland's and Digiridoo Scrap's newest designers, Diamond Ink Designs!  Congratulations Sarah, you have made quite an entrance darlin' and I cannot wait to scrap with *Come What May*!  

The title alone grabbed my heartstrings.  My oldest daughter, April, sang the song as a duet at her sister's wedding two years ago! *sigh*

Another fabulously Vintage kit with lots of romance tossed in the mix!  It truly warms the heart, doesn't it?

Sarah has introduced her first ever scrapkit at the very low and most affordable price of $3.00!  You so rock Sarah!  Click on the image above to be whisked away to Sarah's new store at Digiridoo Scraps!

My final marketplace find has just made it's debut this very day!  I had a head's up as I subscribe to this amazing graphic artist's newsletter and hope that I'm giving you all a chance to run, not walk, but run to the blog of Wild Blueberry Ink, owned by a lovely lady named Shirley, for a chance to win her newest release, *Infinity*!

You will find *Infinity* to be a very gender neutral scrapkit (Girlfriend, you will love the color palette! *wink*) and I am hoping to find myself using it this week for a special project I will be starting just as soon as I hit the publish button! He, he ...

I am hoping to attend Shirley's chat this evening at 9 pm EST (that will be dinnertime here in California, so I'll have to make dinner early!) over at Owl Tree Studio.  She is a bit nervous and I left her a note expressing that she will be in the presence of her Scrapland family and she need not be nervous one bit!  Right?  Uh, huh!  If you are looking for a little girlie chit-chat, some fun and some free goodies, check out the info while you're visiting Shirley's blog and come over and join us!  Shirley will be drawing the name of the lucky winner of her new kit, *Infinity* right after her chat!

By the way, the model in Shirley's *Infinity* preview is her precious and most adorable daughter, Aubrey.  Is not she the sweetest?

Okies, you all have been troopers to hang with me this long, so without my usual rambling, here is a colorful and festive scrapatit for you:

Just a quick mention, lest I forget, I have created a Flickr Group for Bon Scrapatit Designs, where I would love to see you all share any of your projects (layouts, cards, hybrid projects, etc.) that you've created using my designs!  There is nothing more rewarding for a designer than to see his/her creations used and I'm hoping that you will find this an easy way to do so here at BSD!  It is a public group and all you need do is join the group if you already have a Flickr account. If you don't have an account, it takes but a moment to register.  You are then able to add your images to the group pool immediately!  I am so looking forward to seeing your masterpieces and I'll leave you some love too! *big smile*  I will also make a separate announcement to remind y'all of the new Flickr group!

You can also access the group via the Flickr badge posted near the bottom of my blog on the sidebar. Thank you!  MWAH!  Wishing you all a scraptabulous week!

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