"a thankfall heart" that needs your help ... please!

>> Sunday, November 21, 2010

I throw myself at the mercy of my beautiful friends and readers in Scrapland! ROFL! I have come against a major distraction, a deadline and the need to finish a project and need your help to finish this one before Thanksgiving!  Can we do it? *big smile*

Yup, this is a never before plea from me. I don't need you to name this kit, I need you to help me complete it!

Why? Hmmm ... well, it goes like this. I posted last Monday and then spent the next two days scouting around Scrapland looking for some quick inspiration to help me put together a photo book that must be completed, uploaded and ordered by tomorrow. UGH!

It takes me forever to scrap one page (y'all know me now, don't you? :), so I was looking for some templates, but was not finding anything to fit my need until I'd just about given up and called it a night. I think this was late Wednesday night.

Anyhoo, I was taking care of some advertising business when I came across some new templates by SweetMade that looked too close to perfect for scrapping my grandson's photo book! I quickly purchased, downloaded, unzipped and took a closer look. WOW! I love them! And ... they are gender neutral, are fully customizable (PSD files included and you can change colors to suit your need) and even include a cover and back page, not to mention at a price I could afford!

Thank you Aneta! MWAH!

I was so stoked. Still am!

So, what kind of help do I need from you all?

I like, uhm ... so need you to help me finish *A Thankfall Heart* so that I can have it posted for you either Tuesday or Wednesday! That is, if y'all would like to have it! Leave me a comment as to whether you wish me to finish *A Thankfall Heart* (a Thanksgiving gift from me to you) and what you might wish to see me add to the embellishments!

I had started to revamp this kit last year and got as far as a few papers, which I've completely redesigned with the exception of the plaids!  I was just going to give out the papers, however, I just have a difficult time doing a paper pack without some pretties to go along with them! He, he ...

Once I have hit the publish post button, I am back to work on the photo book, not to be seen or heard from until I've got 'er done! LOL! No more distractions and if I know y'all have things under control for me, I shall be greatly relieved and able to focus on getting my photo book together. Many thanks in advance and I truly do have *A Thankfall Heart* that is blessed beyond measure in knowing y'all and that you've got my back! *squee*

P.S.   LOL!  Now don't y'all laugh at me.  It is 12:30 am, Monday morning and my son,  Mark, father to my grandson whose book I am putting together, is here visiting and I just realized that the templates I have purchased are only ten pages!  ROFL!  I am so laughing at myself.  DOH, Linda, the photo book has 20 pages girlfriend, not ten!  Looks like I am going to be up for a while ... uhm ... quite a while!  Better go make a pot of coffee!  *blush*

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