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>> Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hi y'all!

It's Veteran's Day here in the USA and I am so thankful for all who have sacrificed their lives for our country. My thoughts and prayers are with all who have served, who are currently serving and those preparing to serve in our military. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Has everyone recuperated from Digital Scrapbooking Day madness out-and-about Scrapland this past weekend? ROFL! I have just finished unzipping all of the files from both freebies and some amazing purchases I made - WOW! Now just hoping Santa will bring me a new EHD for Christmas as I need more room for my upcoming designs! He, he ...

I was hoping to have *The Orient*, Part Three posted a few days ago, however, I am just not able to function when things are in disarray so, I just had to do a little desktop housekeeping before finishing up my final set of goodies that coordinate with *The Orient* - November Blog Train! If you've not hopped aboard this blog train yet, you can find my original post with links HERE.
I, personally, have not been to the Orient, but would love to visit one day! While beginning my contribution to the blog train, I started to sing a Japanese song that I learned in fourth grade (early 60's)) and, to this day, I am still able to sing that song word-for-word! Isn't it amazing how "some" things stick with us for a lifetime? *smile*

Of course, I just had to Google that Japanese song and I'd like to share it with you, as it just might take one of you for a sweet trip down Memory Lane as well!

It is exactly as I remember it! The tune resounds in my mind nearly 50 years later. Here are the lyrics:

Sho sho Shojoji
Shojoji no niwa wa Tsu tsu tsukiyo da
Minna dete koi koi koi
Oira no tomodacha
Pom poko pom no pom.

Makeruna makeruna
Osho-san ni makeruna
Koi koi koi, Koi koi koi
Minna dete koi koi koi

Sho sho Shojoji
Shojoji no hagi wa
Tsu tsu tsukiyo ni hana zakari
Oira wa ukarete
Pom poko pom no pom
What's up next for Bon Scrapatit Designs? Ho, ho, ho, ho, hoooooo ... wouldn't you like to know! LOL! Okay, I'm in a giddy mood and could not resist a little fun with y'all! *blush* I shall be working on some goodies for Worldwide Christmas Scrapbooking Freebies and getting myself into a festive mood via some sweet holiday tunes while I begin some *Santabulous* designing here in my workshop.  Brrr ... the ambience is magnificent and I'm almost sure that I am living fairly close to the North Pole!  He, he ..

I am also working on my website and store and learning as I go so, if any of y'all have some favorite links to share for building a website/store with Wordpress, I shall be most humbled and thankful if you'll share them!

If I go missing ... you know where I'll be ... Brrrrr ... *wink*

Without further ado, *The Orient*, Part Three!  

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